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The Seeding

The sun rose earlier today. I packed up my camp, filled up my water from the stream, and continued walking. My feet were swollen, my back ached. I never got enough exercise, you always got on my case about it. I’m sure it means you’re faring a lot better than me.


I saw the city for the first time today. I’ve been following this desolate road for so long, seeing the numbers on the signs count lower and lower. Every day is just a little bit closer. My mind is filled with the pain of walking, every muscle in me is weary. We forget all the things that make our lives so easy. We take so much for granted. Took so much for granted. When I meet you again I will tell you everything, but I don’t want to waste ink. My pen is running out.


I came to the city at night. I didn’t want to be spotted. I remember seeing the news stories of looters, roving gangs. I was so worried. Now I see how empty it all is. The city that used to be so vibrant and full of life is so desolate. But the Seeding has taken root here stronger than anywhere I’ve seen. Massive trees curl up the sides of buildings. The streets have turned to rubble, destroyed by seeking roots. Endless vines cover the sides of all the buildings. I passed a car that had been lifted into the air by a massive banyan tree. Its red paint a sharp contrast to the browns and greens.

I found an old auto shop. The front was entirely covered by dense bramble, but I managed to find the door and slip inside. The roof had fallen in, showing the stars above. As safe a place as any. I put some furniture in a corner and hid underneath it. As I write this my eyelids feel heavy. I have walked for so long, it feels good to get some rest.


The morning showed the city in all its glory. To think that only a couple months ago all of this was normal. But maybe this is the new normal. Endless greens, a bright blue sky. A flock of birds settling atop a transmission line. Leaves and wood on steel and glass. The river which once ran black is now blue, the trash all washed away. If it wasn’t for the eerie emptiness I’d call it paradise.

I am writing this as I walk, for I must not forget it, and am dying to share its beauty with you. A telephone pole covered in neon purple flowers. An entire street filled with grass. A plant unlike I’ve ever seen before, its fronds extending radially for over 5 meters, and rising up in a helical fashion. The plants here are growing so fast I can see them. Stretching out towards the sun. Whatever those scientists did worked wonders. It’s just a shame we’re on the wrong end of it.

There are also the signs of life. A small plant sprouting out a human skull. A pile of cars, shattered and torn. A tipped train. A collapsed bridge. Windows shattered by bullets. Whatever happened here, I can only imagine it. I managed to avoid the worst of it out in the countryside. I just wish you had been with me. Then we would both be safe, away from all this mess. When I find you, you can tell me about what happened.

I just wish I had my paints with me. Some of the most striking landscapes I’ve ever seen in my life, and I don’t get the opportunity to capture it. All my life feels as if it was leading up to this, and here I am, incapable of performing my craft. When I meet you and we are safe, I will paint all of this. I don’t know who I’d share it with. But there must be cities still out there, countries still intact. The last time I checked, the Seeding hadn’t made its way to Australia yet. Maybe we can make our way down south.


I made it back to our old apartment. I looked all over for you, but you truly left no trace. And the plants haven’t gotten this high yet. But as I was making my way up here I heard something coming up the stairs. I ran up as fast as I could and locked the door. But I hear it now, in the hallway.


I looked out the peephole, and what I saw can barely be described with words. A tiger paced back and forth across the hallway. After getting over the shock of seeing a tiger I realized all its oddities. It had six legs and four ears. It had no tail, and when I looked at its coat and saw its patterns…like fractals, curving into themselves. I took a mathematics class in university, I had to in order to pass, and I was suddenly reminded of that. Seemingly infinite detail, and as I looked the pattern seemed to shift and swirl on the back of…

The tiger, monster, whatever it is has begun to scratch at the door. I think it’s caught my scent. I have no time. I’m going to try to leave through the fire escape. I will keep on looking for you throughout the city. I’m not sure how but I’ll find a way. I will come back here every month on the night of the full moon. Know that no matter what, I will find you.

I love you so much. Remember that.

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