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CALLING ALL MYP5's 4's and 3's! LISTEN UP!

St. Francis is now part of a Debate League! This league includes other schools such as Graded, St. Pauls and Avenues, where students have the opportunity to learn and train useful skills during ECA times, so they can eventually debate a wide range of topics and improve their argumentation skills with students outside of school.

In St. Francis, the Debate Club ECA, starting August 2023 (next term), will be led by myself (Luisa Moreira) and Felipe Motta, supervised by our own Mr. Loughney (Humanities teacher).

Once a week, students will have the opportunity to mock debate amongst themselves, being able to choose from a wide range of statements such as: "Abortion should be banned", or "Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified", among many others. Each debater will argue either for or against a particular statement, and will have one week leading up to their mock debate to research, come up with arguments, and strongly defend their stance. Your stance might not be what you believe in in real life, but we still encourage you to conduct research on opposing views so you can have comprehensive arguments. The debates will not be judged based on what is right or wrong, instead, we will be judging debaters based on the clarity of arguments, reliability of evidence, and ability to respond to opposition. These debates might just be practices, but the winners of these mocks will most probably be the ones debating in the inter-school league!

If you are already a strong debater, come to the ECA and show off your skills! If not, we still encourage you to join as it is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your public speaking skills, critical thinking skills, and open-mindedness.

We are looking for members from current MYP3, MYP4, and MYP5,who will be MYP4,5 and DP1's next year,and highly recommend students to take part in this opportunity to meet new people, develop important skills for their future, and, of course, enhance their curriculum's and CVS. (For DP, this counts as a CAS project and an extra-curricular!)

We hope to hear from you!


St. Francis Debate Team,

(Luisa Moreira and Felipe Motta)

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