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Falling soundlessly through insanity

Darkness slips past like autumn wind

Enveloping the world within

Without a sound my vision ends

Then symphony to light and cleanse 

A voice a gentle hum “hello”

Leaves fall slowly the tone yellow 

The voice, not mine, a simple chime

So move forward through space and I


Suddenly the world falls in

Falling soundlessly through insanity 

Racing, treads down hills of purple grass

Ever, changing thought of velocity 

The time, nowhere present by repetition

Let down, anchor of sane stability

The winds stop

Turn I towards nowhere, towards the greeting

I see there not I

But other, but

Mind, this is my mind

So everything is me

Other speaks again “hello”

I ask, “who are you”


So I’ve been speaking to the Other

In those simple moments when,

Darkness blows past,

The world becomes me,

Vision ends replaced,

With sound and sight as one,

Voices like falling rain,

Soothing the fire of existence.

As I’m

Falling soundlessly through insanity

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