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MYP1: the incredible March Trip

By Beatriz Junqueira (MYP1)

Hello everyone!

I am Beatriz Junqueira and I will be talking about what MYP1 did in their March Trips!

Well, MYP1 went to São Luis do Paraitinga, which many people say that is a very cultural and folkloric region in Brazil. It is located in the countryside of São Paulo.

Many interesting stories evoke many emotions in me and one of the stories (a very incredible one!) we heard was from Igreja Matriz. On January 1st, 2010 at 1AM it was a rainy day, where it even made the Rio Paraitinga get full of water. This amount of water was so big that it entered entered the church and made many of the citizens scared. Thanks to the rafting team the citizens were all saved. According to them, it took about 1 hour and 36 minutes to keep everyone safe.

We also went to a trail to enter a waterfall named Cachoeira do Saltinho where, at the beginning of the trail, lots of butterflies were found, and they did lots of symbols. It was beautiful to see!

In conclusion, I am awesomely thankful for everything I have learned on the trip, and am excited for next year's March Trip!

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