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MUN, what is it and why should you join!

Every monday in the drama room, feel free to come!

What is MUN?

MUN is a fun interactive ECA, where participants are able to train their debating, public speaking, and researching skills. It is an environment where students can debate complex problems under their delegation’s (The country they are representing) view point. This offers a unique opportunity to participate in a model of an official UN conference, even following the structure and procedure of an official conference. For any student who wants to study international relations, or even law, MUN is a must! The St.Francis MUN also has designated members that will guide any new members or anyone who needs help through any part of the MUN debate process, including research, position papers, and even debating skills. In addition to all of the aforementioned aspects, MUN is an excellent ECA to do, it is great for CAS and S&A, and is a traditionally very strong extracurricular to have on your CV, and looks nn n. Furthermore, more experienced members have the chance to fulfill leadership positions, another great way to enhance your CV.

Practice and Conferences

MUN is all about debating, and this is why our ECA will give you the opportunity to participate in national and international conferences. There are multiple different conferences where different schools all come together to have a debate involving multiple different delegations, where each student represents one country and defends its point of view. These conferences also give awards to the outstanding delegates participating, and in turn once again gives MUN members a unique opportunity to enhance their CV. To practice for these conferences, our ECA’s have workshops that focus on specific skill sets, like research and positions papers, or debates as Bloc’s (a group of allied countries), and even 1 on 1 debating. In addition to this, we host internal conferences, which are like “mock” conferences that only St.francis students participate. This gives the opportunity for everyone to practice without any pressure!

How to join?

Joining MUN is really easy, you only need to send an email to our Secretary General ( saying that you want to join, and come to the drama room at 4:00 PM on Mondays. If you want to improve debating, public speaking, researching skills, and in addition enhance your CV, MUN is the place to do it!

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