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The two big questions in the NBA

Firstly, why is no one talking about Jokic? And can the Suns redeem themselves after the loss to Milwaukee?

This season has come with many surprises, with some teams doing much better than last season, and others doing much worse. But that comes down to the players, and one player that deserves more praise is Nikola Jokić. A 2.11 meter-tall center for the Denver Nuggets, born on the 19th of February in Serbia, Jokić has a very interesting past. But right now I want to talk about the present and the future. And the fact of the matter is Jokić has had a stellar season.

Just from his last few games we see that he is basically averaging above 20 ppg (points per game) and a double double (in fact almost a triple double) per game. This is without mentioning the kind of leader he is at Denver. Jokic has been putting up numbers that can only really be compared to players like ShaquilleO'neal. This makes Jokic, in my opinion, the best offensive big in the league right now and if he continues being this consistent, he might just become the greatest offensive big in the NBA.

Now looking towards the future, after winning MVP last year, Jokić has been putting up numbers that make him a solid contender for this year too, as he looks to defend his award and claim back-to-back awards. Considering the consistency he has shown in a team like Denver (a team that is not a top contender for playoffs), demonstrates how much talent Jokić really has, which in turn could allow him to be considered one of the best centers in NBA history by the end of his career.

Now onto the Phoenix Suns. The Suns lost last year in the Finals to Milwaukee going from a 2-0 lead to losing 4-2. This showed that the Suns were a great team but were unable to win, since they lost a clear advantage. But this season may allow players like Devin Booker and Chris Paul to prove themselves again. As of now the Suns are 21-4 in the regular season, a very strong showing that is only comparable to Golden State’s 21-5. This may point to the fact that the Suns have a large chance of making it to the playoffs, and if they are able to have a strong initial showing, boosting their morale, they could be key contenders for the next ring.

If the Suns continue at this pace they could have a record of around 66-16 by the end of the season, but I believe that as the season progresses their confidence will only grow, and that is why I would predict a 70-12 season, which in turn would be one of the best seasons in NBA history. And if the Suns are able to go into the playoffs with a record like that I believe there will be no stopping them and they would win, cementing them as not only the greatest team this year but also one of the best teams in history, since they would have an amazing record with a win in the same year.


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