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Surprises in the new NBA season

The new season of the NBA started with a star-studded LA Lakers, a Golden State Warrior that needed Klay Thompson, and a Chicago Bulls that made gigantic roster changes, but where did it lead?

Firstly the Lakers, the team that traded and bought a star-studded roster to fight alongside Lebron, with Russell Westbrook, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, and Anthony Davis among others. This quintet was meant to achieve greatness, but starting the season on the wrong foot has led to disaster. Losing all 6 games in the preseason left fans to wonder what was wrong with this team, but after their first loss in the regular season to the Warriors (which we will get to), tensions were high. And after game 2 seemed doomed, Howard and Davis had a disagreement. This left fans scrambling for what was wrong, but it seemed that the coaching staff came in and helped the players mentally, as they were able to get to a healthy 7-5 win-loss ratio as of now. And although this may be disappointing to fans who expected more, it is good to see the Lakers possibly resolving their internal issues, or putting those issues aside, to play the game we all love.

Now onto more positive news, the Golden State Warriors are currently 10-1! This is the best record in the NBA this year and it seems like Steph Curry has been able to assemble the players together for one goal: to win. With Iguodala’s strong defensive and assistive play and the rest of the team playing around their star, this roster has succeeded greatly, and once Klay Thompson comes back from his injury I believe the Warriors will be unstoppable!

Some exciting news in Chicago too, as the Bulls have shown great promise, starting the season 4-0. This feat hadn’t happened in the franchise in 25 years, since 1996 with the championship team. The streak was followed by some close games and some losses for the bulls, however. As of now (10/11/21), they are 8-3 after beating the Brooklyn Nets, the team that was meant to defeat LeBron, earlier this week, followed by a win over Luka Doncic’s Mavericks on Wednesday. The Bulls’ new roster with Derozan, Ball, and Caruso, as well as Vuckovic and Lavine, shows great promise, and this might be the first time in a long time the team makes a playoff run.


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