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FIFA Women's World Cup: Analysing Brazil's tragic campaign

Following a scoreless tie with Jamaica, Brazil was eliminated from the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023. They finished third in their group behind France and Jamaica.

Brazil's Women's World Cup journey has come to an end in the group stage after a span of 28 years. This is the first time, since 1995 that the team could not progress beyond the preliminary round of the competition. The early departure followed a scoreless draw in Melbourne against Jamaica.

The Brazilian national squad, which has taken part in all nine World Cups, has now been eliminated from the competition in the group stages three times, in 1991, 1995 and now, in 2023.

Brazil x Jamaica

Brazil dominated but lacked composure in the final seconds. The Brazilian national team maintained possession of the ball and successfully passed it amongst themselves until they reached the entry of the penalty area, where they struggled to get past. Struggling against Jamaica's aggressive marking in the final third, they found it challenging to break through. And even when they managed to do so, there rushed attempts played into the hands of Spencer, the Jamaican goalkeeper, making her job easier.

As a result of the team's passing failure, Jamaica gained momentum. Brazil's passing became increasingly inconsistent in the first half, both in the midfield and on offence, which allowed the Jamaican team to enjoy the match and present a threat to the Brazilian defence. However, Jamaica failed to try a shot before the half was over.

Brazil encountered resistance and had trouble getting to the offensive. Ary Borges was replaced by Bia Zaneratto when Brazil came out for the second half, but the squad encountered additional difficulties going to the offensive. The Brazilian team was unable to challenge Spencer due to poor passes and a solid Jamaican defense.

The fans

The Brazilians, who crowded the stands to cheer their side, were unfazed by Melbourne's chilly weather. As the national anthem came to a close, the crowd formed a lovely and customary chorus, and they continued to sing along throughout the game. The tension increased as the game went on and became increasingly more difficult.

Dissatisfaction with Jamaica's mistakes and free-kick delays also started in the last minutes. Everyone reacted to the Caribbean team's finest opportunity with either fear or exhilaration.


In the end, not even the Eu acredito” chants from the crowd could help Brazil score. The atmosphere changed from a huge celebration upon arrival to desolation. Marta felt the same way while sitting on the bench. She trembled while she watched the game. The World Cup had high hopes, thus everyone's shock at the elimination was palpable.


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