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Erling Haaland to Manchester City

Erling Haaland is leaving Borussia Dortmund for Manchester City as they reached a deal with him and paid his release clause.

If you saw any news about European football in the last year, it is very probable that you have heard of the young superstar from Norway, Erling Haaland. Haaland has shocked the world with his incredible frame, speed and shooting, solidifying himself as the best young center forward in the world.

In the Bundesliga, he has been doing incredible things, averaging more than a goal per 90 minutes while leading Borussia to a second place finish behind Bayern Munchen. In the Champions League, he averaged a goal per 68 minutes, even though they got sent to Europa League where he didn't play a single game, and got knocked out by the Rangers.

With the lack of national and international success from Borussia, it was expected that a star like him would leave soon, and with City desperately needing a center forward the move looked almost certain. On the 9th of May of 2022, the transfer was confirmed after Haaland passed his medical. The transfer is expected to be announced by the club later this week, but he won't be able to play for the club until the start of the 2022/2023 season after the transfer window. This deal includes a £200 million overall package after paying the £63 million release clause in Haaland's contract with Dortmund. Haaland will be one of City's top earners on a basic salary of £400,000-a-week after agreeing personal terms, putting him on par with Kevin De Bruyne, but also ahead of other big stars such as Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish.

The 21-year-old will earn £104 million over the course of 5 years, with add-ons and performance-related clauses that can make his earnings increase even more. This deal had Manchester getting Haaland for around a third of his £180 million market value, but this value has been made up with his absolutely ridiculous salary. Manchester has been looking for a center forward for a very long time and after failing to land Tottenham's striker, Harry Kane, they moved for Haaland.

This move is absolutely terrifying for European football, as City already is one of the biggest clubs in the world of football, and they would be in the Champions League final if it weren't for "El Rayo" or Rodrygo that with his two goals in 2 minutes sent the semi-finals into extra time. City is also on their way to win the Premier League, and Haaland's addition would only make them have a more dominant campaign in both championships.

This transfer was obviously made with the objective of conquering the long sought-after Champions League that Guardiola has been promising for City fans since he joined the team, but even after using close to £1 billion, he still hasn't been able to conquer such title.


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