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Zodiac Signs - Libra

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

(born between September 23rd and October 22nd)

Libras are from the element of air, representing life and the intellectual mind. Libras are known as the most intelligent of the zodiacs due to their strong communication skills. This makes them very open people. A Libra may tell you their whole life story the first time they meet you. Truly, they have one of the best social skills in the whole zodiac cycle. They know how to make people laugh without even trying; it is in their nature. Libras often seek peace, harmony and justice. As a result, they have difficulty in saying ‘no to anyone, and may even stress out with the tiniest of things. One of the biggest problems that Libras face is that people think they are flirting, when they are just being nice. Nonetheless, they are hopeless romantics. They dream about having a love like those in movies; although this often leads to disappointment in their relationships due to unrealistic romantic expectations. Libras try to make their partner as happy as possible and with that, they can at times forget about their own happiness. Libras also have a passion for fashion and even if the world is going under, you can bet that their outfit will be on point. They will never fall in love with someone that doesn’t take care of themselves properly, so if you are interested in a Libra, take out your best clothing and strut!


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