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Theories for what might happen in the last five episodes of 'La Casa de Papel!'

Unless you are an alien that doesn't speak any earth-like language, you've heard of the famous, breath-taking show on Netflix, known as 'La Casa De Papel' or 'Money Heist'. The five-seasons show talks about a Professor who recruits a group of 8 people, who are named after cities like Tokyo, Rio and Denver, to invade the Spanish Bank and print $984 million euros. However, do you really think that printing $984 million euros is easy or even possible in an 8 person crew? And what if I tell you *spoilers ahead* that it MIGHT be? What I love most about Money Heist is that the story is engaging, and in the end of every episode your reaction varies, from jaw-dropping faces to hardcore heavy tears.

The time I cried the most, (and I mean loads and loads of non stopping tears) was on the last episode of season 5 part 1. I say part 1 because the creators this time decided to make it different: as we were all anxiously waiting for season 5, they decided to split it up into 2 parts, and so they are currently recording and editing the second part while we all binge-watched the first one. The downcast of this is that it's the season finale!!! Part 2 is unfortunately the final part of La Casa de Papel, and it will be coming out December 3rd.

Now, let's begin what you were all waiting for: MONEY HEIST THEORIES FOR THE LAST 5 EPISODES! WHAT WILL HAPPEN? Before you continue, I will be mentioning some spoilers, just so you know! → trailer link (watch it before reading!)

The first theory stars Alicia Sierra, the cop (or should we say ex-cop?) that found out where the Professor was hiding and figured out all of his plans, threatening him. However, later on, in the last episodes of part 1, they became closer and we could see her softening with time, while the Professor helped her deliver her baby. Because of this new 'friendship', we start to wonder if this means Sierra will change sides and help the Professor to create a new plan to make the crew escape the bank, or use her police knowledge somehow. Or, maybe, the opposite of that. Alicia Sierra gets closer to him, uses his vulnerability in such a tense moment and in exchange for him she gets to be free from the cops, without being searched for every time she leaves the streets. This would be a huge plot twist!

Now, I wonder quite a lot about Estocolmo and Denver. If you stop and watch the trailer for season 5 part 2, some might assume that Estocolmo is giving her goodbyes to Denver when she says ''I love you, and nothing could possibly be more important than that'', crying. We all remember that on the last episode of the previous part, she was hallucinating, tired and couldn't even help the crew with the heist and fight the police. We cannot ignore the fact that this heist is really dangerous and life risking, so another theory is that because Estocolmo is getting 'sick' and Denver cannot help her as he has a lot going on in there, he will say goodbye to her and escape with the others, especially when considering they have a little child (Cincinnati) that needs his parents (or at least one of them) present. Some might be very upset with this theory, but I think it is very possible, especially when watching the scene in the trailer.

In the first part of season 5, Berlin's son, Rafael (played by Patrick Criado), was presented to us with flashbacks of how he helped his father in a past heist. He was shown as intelligent and strategic, and because of that, many estimate that he will have a major part in the current heist. What if, in the middle of the professor's many plans, one of them includes Rafael? What if they run out of options, need help and the only solution left is Berlin's son? He has proven to be loyal, smart, intelligent and technologically advanced, as he is an electronics engineer. This opens many doors regarding how he can help the crew, maybe by hacking, by finding keys, by creating strategies, communication… It is especially interesting how Rafael never appeared before despite the fact that Berlin and Tatiana's story (Rafael's parents) was explained previously, therefore his sudden appearance caused a certain curiosity in fans. Also, in the span of the five episodes we never see Rafael in present time, only in flashbacks, so this could help contribute to the theory that in current time he is taking care of the back scenes of the heist.

Helsinki is also one to mention. We were left with a cliffhanger since we had no closure as to whether they were able to save his leg or not. He does not deserve to die! There’s one scene in the trailer where he says to Palermo, “You'll get me out of here. You promised, and you'll do it'', which was really emotional, since we don't know if they'll be able to get out of there. Best case scenario is Palermo, still feeling guilty for helping Gandía escape, helps Helsinki and does everything he can to take care of his leg. In the end, he is able to do so and Helsinki stays alive and well. Because this show loves creating chaos, I'm sure they will only solve Helsinki's problem close to the end, to add a little more trouble and mess into the story. After all, this means less help in fighting the police.

The final two theories are the two possible outcomes of how the show will end. There are two main options; either the police wins or the professor wins. The battle that lasted 5 seasons, between violence, romance, tears, laughter, and union between all characters will come to an end, and unfortunately this end has arrived…Now it’s the final choice, who will win?

On one side, we have the police. A very good theory is that Colonel Tamayo, who already got stressed millions of times because of the Professor, together with other police officers, will be able to get the Professor. While this is not the happy ending to most fans, it is certainly a possibility. We know how close the police are (inside the bank) to reach different thiefs, and how the enemies have already eliminated Nairobi and Tokyo, two of our favourite characters. And, the punishment for the thieves if caught wouldn’t be anything pleasurable, that I can assure. We all know, and can’t ignore the fact that in either worlds, real or Netflix world, they committed tons of crimes, some of them that could be life threatening. Even though they weren’t aiming to kill anyone, but to simply invade and print money, they are being searched for everywhere, the police have spent days and nights because of the Professor and his team. So we definitely know that if caught, the consequences would be troubling.

The other possible (and most satisfying one for most of us) is that the Professor is able to save his crew from the confusion they are stuck in. With Rafael and Sierra’s help or not, we know he has enough IQ and intelligence to do anything on his own, with the support of Marselha and Benjamin. The Professor creates or improvises some sort of plan that gets them all out of there, and they become millionaires, say goodbye to each other and go to separate parts of the world (it would be even better if they went to the cities in their names!). This would be peaceful, satisfying (especially after seeing all they’ve been through) and obviously devastating to the police, but that’s what we want, isn’t it? ;)

These are the theories I was able to come up with for the season finale of La Casa de Papel! For those of you who haven’t seen it but read this article, I recommend you watch it before Dec 3rd, because your social media (Twitter for sure) will be full of spoilers!! Finally, I don’t know if you all will agree with me on this one, but after the credits in the last episode, I would love (and hope to see) some bloopers from these talented actors and tense scenes!! I can only imagine how much fun they had filming this show.


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