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Why you should sleep with tape on your mouth.

Many of us have struggled in the past with bad sleep, and waking up unrested, and much more. Believe it or not, there is an incredibly unusual method you can use to boost your sleep. You should be sleeping with your mouth taped up. Yes, you read that correctly. Sleeping with your mouth shut has a lot of hidden benefits which help not only in your sleep but in your day-to-day life as well. But isn't it dangerous? Could I die if I sleep with my mouth shut? Doesn't tape hurt my lips? All of these are valid questions you may be asking yourself as mouth taping is very unconventional after all. Don't worry, however, all of your questions shall be answered.

As mentioned previously, mouth taping has a lot of good benefits for your sleep and day-to-day lives. The science behind this is based on how we breathe. We humans are supposed to breathe through our nose at all times, with the mouth breathing tunnel usually used for specific occasions or emergencies where your nasal airways are blocked. Mouth breathing, however, has become common nowadays, as some people have gotten used to breathing through their mouth instead of their nose. As seen in a picture above, mouth breathing is so severe that it causes your skull and bones to develop differently depending on the way you breathe. Yikes! Mouth breathing might cause dry lips, bad breath or even brain fog. This is why people should breathe through their nose, especially when asleep. Breathing through the nose brings benefits like regulation of air temperature entering the lungs, filtering of toxins, humidification of air, and much more. Another great benefit of nose breathing is that you snore much less and maybe even stop doing it at all, which is a huge bonus.

To safely start mouth taping, it is first recommended that you consult a doctor. Apart from that, there are still some requirements. It is best that you avoid using this technique if you have nasal polyps, chronic rhinitis, or a blocked nose. Apart from these cases, taping your mouth shut before you sleep is safe, as ironic as it seems. What you should do to begin this habit is first buying some micropore tape. You then cut a strip a place it on your mouth so that it's shut. Then you just sleep. Simple as that. Some people do struggle at first because it annoys them, so they take it off, but it is definitely worth the hassle in the end.

As a personal user of this technique, I know that I started sleeping and living much better after I implemented this technique into my life. Doctors say that you should consult your physician prior to implementing this. This is because some people have undiagnosed sleep apnoea or other nasal problems, which could make mouth taping dangerous. Apart from that, there is an easy way to get started. You can just go to your local pharmacy and buy some micropore tape in there. You then just tape up before you sleep, and you're done.

The writer of this article is not responsible for any negative safety and/or health repercussions that could occur when using this technique. It is advised that all readers interested do further research and decide whether this technique would be worth it and/or beneficial to them


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