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Why Project Zomboid is the best zombie survival game

Project Zomboid is an open-world zombie survival game developed by The Indie Stone and released in 2011. It takes place in rural Kentucky in 1993, after the world has been overrun by a zombie apocalypse. Despite being released in 2011, the game is still frequently updated by the developers and the community is quite active.

What makes this game different from all other zombie survival games is its extremely realistic take on it. In Project Zomboid, you have to manage every single bit of your health in order to stay sane, from bandaging any wounds, to keeping your character from getting bored in the apocalypse. This gives players something to keep occupied with throughout the whole gameplay, keeping them entertained and preventing repetitiveness in the game. There are many other small details in the game that add to its extreme realism, such as having to read long books to learn new skills, being able to close curtains so zombies wont see you, and even leaving your clothes outside to dry them faster.

Not only that, but the character builder in this game is extremely balanced. You can choose up to 21 professions to begin with, as well as being unemployed, where each one gives you specific traits that may give you an advantage in certain aspects of the game. For example, burglars are able to hotwire cars without any previous skills, and lumberjacks have more strength while wielding axes. There is also a points system in place in order for you to choose your traits, and each profession varies the amount of points you begin with. There are negative traits, such as being deaf, obese, or a slow learner, which give you points, and positive traits, such as brave, strong, and inconspicuous, which take away points. It is up to the player to decide which negative traits they will have to take in order to gain enough points to choose the positive traits they want.

Keep in mind that every time you die, you will have to create an entirely new character with zero skills and new traits, but your old character’s body can still be found in the world, as a zombie or just a corpse. And let you be warned, you will die in this game. A lot. Which makes it all the more frustrating, but all the more fun to play with friends, as you can combine strategies to take out zombies and even sacrifice your life to get a rare item, since you can just make a new character and plop right back into the same old world.

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