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Why Brazil Will Win The World Cup

Felipe Motta

Every football fan is feeling intense anxiety and euphoria as the Qatar 2022 World Cup gets underway. This sentiment is especially evident among Brazilian fans, including myself, who are convinced that their nation will win and return triumphant. However, this "confidence" can easily be justified considering their squad depth, current success and disappointments regarding the other favourites.

Even though squad depth has been repeatedly proven not to be a reliable factor while predicting results, such a component cannot be disregarded, containing 19 players of the current best 100 list depicted by "FourFourTwo" (Tom Hancock). The best example of this would be Neymar, who numbers-wise has been having the best start to a season of his life, with 35 G/A in just 20 matches, and Vinicius Jr who has 15 G/A in 20 matches, which in comparison to the current Ballon D'or winner Karim Benzema, has 7 G/A in 15 appearances.

Current accomplishments are the best way to judge a squad regarding their rate of success, enabling a prediction using these positive aspects. Such feats can be seen in the national squad, with a 75% win rate, while losing only 7.5% of their matches, extensively scoring 166 goals in 76 matches yet only conceding 27 goals. Specifically in the world cup, success is still eminent, with a consistent 75% win rate, scoring 7 goals in 4 matches and conceding 2 goals.

Fortunately for the seleção and it's fans the other favourites have demonstrated intense disappointment with their results, struggling to win/draw or even losing against teams ranked under the top 20 in the world by FIFA, exemplifying this would be, Belgium and Germany, having both of them being eliminated in the group stage by nations such as Japan and Morocco.

In summation, Brazil will undoubtedly win the most famous sporting event in the globe as a result of their strong "star power" within their squad, current form, and disappointments regarding other nations.

Authors Note: This is definitely not diluted fan fiction!


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