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Who's Afraid of Boxing?

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Recently, I've hit a pedestal on my so-called "fitness journey," as I realized that my running workouts were only causing me to get bored and tired quickly. In my search for something new and innovative, I found Functional Fight Club, a 1-hour fighting class that suggests a fusion between boxing and functional weight training. I was curious but at the same time, intimidated, as I could have never imagined myself ever taking part in any violent sport.

Still, I gave it some thought and decided to give it a try.

The class started with warming-up exercises, including jumping jacks and squats. Then, it proceeded to get harder, with activities focused on each body part. Finally, the boxing section started, which included kicking and punching. It was easy to see the influences of the boxing movements throughout every activity, and it was exciting to refine my moves as the class went on.

Throughout the hour, I was surprised to see that in fact, there was nothing to be scared about. None of the participants were pros; instead, I felt right in place, as it seemed like everyone was on the same level. The teachers were also helpful and patient, even while pushing me to try my best during every exercise.

Boxing is a very beneficial sport for a variety of reasons: It improves cardiovascular health, therefore protecting our bodies from heart disease. It also increases strength in the entire body and burns a lot of calories, also serving as a tool against stress. Combined with functional training, benefits increase even more: It emphasizes core stability, improves posture, and reduces the risk of injuries. What a combination!

It has now been a month since I started, and I haven't regretted it one bit. Boxing has helped me build resistance and strength, and I have already seen a considerable difference in my body since then. It has also helped me learn basic self-defense skills, which will be a significant advantage of possible future scenarios.

Many people forget about the importance of staying active when it comes to being a balanced individual, and I know for a fact that it has helped me become a much more productive and happy person. For that reason and many more, there are no excuses for not doing anything- Even if that means starting slow and taking your time.

Are you still afraid of it?


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