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Which Sitcom You Should Watch Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all love sitcoms, and if you don’t, sadly this article isn't for you. Laying on your bed and unwinding after a long, stressful day can only get better if you have a funny show playing on the TV or on your computer to make you laugh. There are many different types of sitcoms that contain different filming techniques, types of humor and characters. This list will show you which sitcom fits your zodiac sign the most, based on the characteristics each zodiac sign displays and how they relate to each show, and why each sign would enjoy watching it.

Some believe in zodiac signs, others don’t, but no one can deny they are for sure entertaining. Before beginning the list, if you have no idea what your zodiac sign is or how to find it, here is a table so you can fit yourself into one of the twelve signs in the zodiac according to your birthday.

Aries - That 70s Show

Aries is known to be one of the most physical signs, and their brand of humor tends to revolve around the physical body. Falling and getting hurt in ridiculous ways are a few of the things that could probably make an Aries laugh. That 70s Show, a sitcom that follows the life of Eric Forman and his closest friends while they marvel through the ups and downs of adolescence, is hilarious and includes a lot of punchy and quick jokes that guarantee a laugh. Aries are also loud and full of energy, similar to the style of the show, which features vibrant colors and energetic characters.

Taurus- Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a show I would recommend to any sitcom fan, however Tauruses in particular would definitely have an enjoyable time watching it. The show is filmed in “documentary style” and unlike many sitcoms, it doesn’t include the over-used, artificial laugh tracks that are incorporated in an effort to make bad jokes “funnier”. Instead, the way the show is filmed makes it seem almost as though the scenes are happening in real time, capturing the characters' raw reactions. The humor of this show is very much observational and realistic, two qualities we can also attribute to a Taurus. Tauruses have a practical view of the world and tend to notice the utter ridiculousness of life in general, often before others do. Authenticity and realness are things a Taurus would appreciate in any TV show, and these certainly don't lack in Parks and Recreation. Not only do I think Tauruses would enjoy watching Parks and Recreation, but I believe they would relate to one character specifically: April Ludgate. In the show, April is open about her dislike of social situations, her work, and positivity in general. She is very practical, similarly to a Taurus, and thrives on humor and sarcasm.

Gemini- Brooklyn 99

A Gemini’s sense of humor is unmatched, and I’m not just saying that because I am one. Being completely unbiased though, Gemini’s find the task of making friends and socializing very easy and don’t have anywhere near as much of a hard time finding the humor in a bad situation compared to a Capricorn for example (No hate to Capricorns). Brooklyn 99, a show about police officers in Brooklyn taking on cases all in their different hilarious approaches, features a more high-energy, subversive brand of humor. Some argue that Brooklyn 99 is the funniest show currently on TV, and that is largely because of the smarts behind each joke/punchline that when finally understood by the audience, makes them easy to laugh at. Gemini’s relate to this sense of humor and can decipher the intent behind the jokes, making them not as superficial and boring as one might think they are if they were to just take a quick glance of the show. I can say with the utmost certainty that while it may have taken me a while to understand a couple jokes while watching the show, it made each one ten times funnier when finally taking in all the context and understanding it fully.

Cancer- Modern Family

According to Google, Cancer is said to be the most family-oriented sign in the zodiac and also the most supportive. They thrive on love, affection and have a reputation for being hyper emotional and temperamental. As the name already suggests, Modern Family follows three Californian families (that together form one larger family) as they deal with kids, jobs and eccentric spouses all in their own unique ways which leads to them falling into very strange situations. Despite the occasional arguments, the family is very emotionally connected and all love each other unconditionally. Cancers hold their loved ones very dear to their heart and place a very high value on family and friends. When watching Modern Family you can almost feel how strong the connection is between the characters and you can, even if just for a second, feel as though you’re a part of the family.

Leo- Glee

While Glee is more of a comedy-drama series, it still very much counts as a sitcom. If I were to match it up with one of the zodiac signs, it would most definitely be Leo. Glee is a musical show that follows a group of mis-fit students that all take part in the glee club at the fictional William McKinley High School. The episodes include musical numbers and remarkable performances by the students. Leos are the most musically-inclined sign in the zodiac and love to be the center of attention. It is likely that a Leo will become infuriated when something doesn’t go their way or people aren’t paying much attention to what they have to say. (Can we blame them though?) It delights Leos when they can go all out whether it be getting ready and dressing up or organizing an extravagant production for their friends. Confidence and a strong presence are two things that Leos never lack, when they arrive someplace they make sure everyone knows they are there. That relates directly to Glee since the characters must have these attributes in order to put on good performances.

Virgo- The Big Bang Theory

“I cry because others are stupid, it makes me sad” - Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory.

This quote by Sheldon alone already sums up both The Big Bang Theory and a Virgo’s mentality. Virgos are well-known for their intellectuality and when it comes to smarts, The Big Bang Theory features the best characters in that regard. In the show, there are times when Sheldon and Leonard, the two protagonists of the series and roommates, are discussing famous paradoxes and physics formulas and it might even be hard to follow while watching given their enormous intelligence. The Big Bang Theory follows the lives of socially awkward physicians Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali after meeting Leonard and Sheldon’s wild and free-spirited neighbor Penny. Much like Penny to the boys, Virgo’s friends and acquaintances can bring out the casual and loose side of them. Virgos are often both book-smart and street-smart, on account of their ability to handle unexpected situations in an organized and thoughtful manner. They are also very thorough when explaining their thoughts and like to plan everything out ahead of time.

Libra- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith more or less plays himself in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a show about Philadelphia-born teenager Will being sent to live with his wealthy extended family in Bel Air, Los Angeles. Coincidentally enough, Will Smith himself is a Libra! But that isn’t the only reason why Libras should watch The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Libras are very amusing and witty, and love to reminisce on past experiences with their friends and family. The show was filmed from 1990-1996 and features characters wearing clothing that was considered “trendy” at the time as well as music and popular movies that came out during the 90s that are sure to make anyone who lived through that time period reminisce. Even if you were born after the 1990s, the aesthetic of the show is very pleasing and will make you nostalgic for a time you didn’t even live through. Libras are also very outspoken and clever, as is the main character Will.

Scorpio- The Office

The Office tracks office workers in Scranton, Pennsylvania and their boss, Michael Scott, who is the core of the show and the humor as well. Scorpios tend to have a darker sense of humor and get a laugh out of the most politically incorrect and “dark” jokes. The US adaptation of The Office features exactly this type of humor and some argue that if the show was released today, it would never be authorized to air given its chaotic and controversial script. It was released in 2005, a time when these sorts of jokes weren’t scrutinized and were still allowed to air on TV, however now the series is still available for viewers on a few streaming platforms. Scorpios would for sure laugh out loud at the funny situations the characters get themselves into, as well as the at times inappropriate nature of the jokes in the series.

Sagittarius- Friends

Sagittariuses are very friendly, loyal and sociable. They thrive on adventure and are very extroverted individuals. Now, honestly, if you have never seen Friends, what are you doing with your life? Well in case you are living under a rock and don’t know the show, Friends (as the name already suggests) is a show about 6 best friends living in New York City tackling the struggles and realities of adulthood. In the show, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe all form a very close-knit group of friends who spend most of their time together. A Sagittarius’s friendships are very valuable to them, and one of the things they consider most important is having a group of friends they can trust and rely on. While watching the show, anyone would feel like part of the friend group, and a Sagittarius in particular would really value that feeling.

Capricorn- Arrested Development

Arrested Development is a sitcom centered around the dysfunctional Bluth family after losing their reputation in the business when the head patriarch gets convicted of fraud. The show is described as having “deadpan” humor, meaning it displays emotionless and quick comedic delivery. The emotional neutrality of the humor in the show also serves as a contrast with the ridiculousness and absurdity of the subject matters. Similarly enough,Capricorns are also known to have a more “deadpan” sense of humor. That’s not to say they aren’t funny, they are simply very steadfast and practical and aren’t fond of jokes that are dragged on, exaggerated or “cheesy”. Because of this, Arrested Development is just the show that a Capricorn would appreciate.

Aquarius- Black-ish

Watching Black-ish might not actually make you cooler, but it will certainly make you feel that way. Bubbly and comical Aquarius would surely enjoy the humor in the show and the relatability of the characters. Black-ish is the epitome of funny and culturally relevant television as it tracks a black father with the goal of getting his family to create a close relationship with their neighbors and communities in order to fit in and find their place in society. An Aquarius is also very daring and not afraid to talk about issues that may at times be hard to discuss. Black-ish tackles issues that were once thought to be too bold for television such as racism, LGBTQ+ rights, the n-word, police brutality, among many others.

Pisces- How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother follows the life of architect Ted Mosby in New York. In the series, Ted Mosby “from the future” recounts stories from his early adulthood to his two kids that all lead up to him meeting their mother. Much like Ted, Pisces love storytelling and romance. A Pisces is a hopeless romantic, and they can often find themselves daydreaming about their future and when they’ll find their one true love. Ted Mosby is very much the same. Throughout the whole series, Ted dates around but is still fixated on finding the woman of his dreams that he’ll hopefully someday marry. Every time he introduces a new girl to his friends, he always says “I think she might be the one '' which shows his hopefulness and dedication. Pisces are both hopeful and dedicated, and are also very loveable. They are true believers in soulmates and destiny, which is what the series is all about.

Well, now that the list has reached its end, I would like to stress that I am no horoscope expert nor am I a professional astrologer and these are merely fun opinions. I do however hope my arguments were enough to make everyone try out watching all the series on the list, and of course the one elected to their respective zodiac sign ;)


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