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WHICH POGUE FROM OBX ARE YOU? Take the quiz to find out!


JJ is loyal and extremely perseverant. He will do what is needed to get what he wants or to protect who he loves, which is who you want in your life. He basically gets things done. He doesn’t care if it’s legal, illegal, right or wrong, he’ll do it and he’s not afraid of the consequences. Sometimes he doesn’t think things through; which is why sometimes his ideas don’t seem the best. JJ is an impulsive character, and this sometimes makes others annoyed. Remember when he bought a BATHTUB with the only money he had? Or the ambulance plan to take John B out of prison? If he had shared with his friends, and probably changed some things, it would have worked! At least we understand the reason for all of this, his friends are all he has and he'll do whatever for them.

Sarah is an adventurous, smart, calculating, caring girl. She thinks with logic and is persistent and easily adapts to new situations. Even though she comes from a place with no risks, she is open to many, especially for love. Although she can be a bit indecisive and impulsive, she is loyal to who she loves and doesn’t care about her past. She goes after what she wants. She thinks in between logic and emotions, which makes her decisions and actions more reliable..

Pope is ambitious, logical, intelligent, persistent, and realistic. He tries to hide it, but he is pretty sensitive. He always comes up with the solution when the pogues are in any type of trouble. Sometimes, his logic comes in the way of his emotions. Remember when Kiara ''broke up'' with him? He tried to use logic to comprehend the situation. But he is so smart that he is responsible for saving the pogues most of the time! And, he is really loyal to his friends. An example is when he got his father's car to save John B, even though his dad didn't really allow this.

​​John B is a natural and confident leader. He is the one everyone looks up to, especially during decision-making. He's very determined and cheerful, which is important in a leader. He knows his target and won't leave until it's achieved, even though he tries to stay out of trouble. He can also be described as vindictive, his emotions are basically what control him and his actions. Some people describe him as blind to optimism; because he still believes in things that have already been lost. However, this is what motivates him. He is 100% emotional, and doesn’t really think about what he is doing. This could really affect some of his decisions, it is really important to think about the consequences and logic of your actions!

Kiara is extremely loyal and protective. She is also so determined that if she wants something, she’ll get it. It doesn’t matter if someone disapproves of her actions, like her parents, she goes after what she wants. Kiara also feels things, when they are wrong. This makes her intuitive, which is a characteristic you want to have. Because of that, she is suspicious of everyone, sometimes sensitive and moody. But, Kiara is an amazing character, she is smart, and she analyses situations really well. This makes her opposite from JJ, even though the situation is chaotic, she thinks things through and comes up with great plans. She's really courageous as she participates in all these adventures even though her parents completely disapprove. This makes her really loyal to who she loves.


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