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The world takeover of VR and cryptocurrencies

Stores accepting Bitcoin as from of payment, and reveal of Meta plans for the metaverse propagate the widespread use of cryptocurrency and VR

Throughout history, no matter the era, advancements in technology have completely transformed the way society functions. Even looking back to 3500 BC, such a primitive advancement as the wheel had monumental impact, Innovations of equal magnitude exist in modern day, these innovations are cryptocurrencies and VR. Society is transcending into an era in which humans and technology are even more integrated in everyday life, important aspects of civilization such as money and the visual reality are becoming fully digital.

Currently, cryptocurrencies represent a small portion of the world's wealth, this can be attributed to how little time ago it was invented, Bitcoin, invented in 2008 was the first form of digital currency. With only 14 years of existence crypto peaked at approximately 2+ trillion dollars as its market cap and only shows signs of continuing growth. Big brands started accepting payment in Bitcoin, these brands include Microsoft, US telecoms firm AT&T and coffee chain Starbucks, although not in every store and mostly in the US. Lately luxury brand Gucci has officially recognized Bitcoin as a valid payment method. The utility of using crypto lies in the ease of paying or transferring money. The stores use QR codes that link to digital wallets, and the customer only needs to click a few buttons and an instant transfer takes place.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is the biggest advocate of VR and the metaverse, their aim is to bring the metaverse to life and help people connect, find communities and grow businesses. Along with the help of Meta, advancements in virtual reality technology help make it viable to use in everyday life, for example the latest VR headsets have built in eye tracking, and ultra accurate hand tracking. During Quarantine, remote work made all of us realise that it could work as a permanent reality, conjoined with virtual reality and the metaverse full time remote working could actually work.

Eventually, the world takeover of cryptocurrencies and VR will happen, as improvements to the metaverse and the blockchain (blockchain is the system that digital currency runs on) the viability of working in the metaverse and moving away from physician currencies increases.



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