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The Types of Students at St. Francis

Diversity is something that St.Francis doesn’t lack, but in the midst of all of the different activities and opportunities, there always are these people in every year group. Keep reading to find out which one you are!


That one person who has their life figured out

We all know that one person has their life completely figured out. Unlike some of us (such as myself), who have a habit of getting … a tiny … little bit off track. These people have all of their homework on track, essays done ahead of time, grades are probably good and if they are really good at school their grades will be above average. Most of the people that I would put into this category know at least kind of what area they want to study in college. And on top of that, due to some unknown power, they still manage to have a social life and most of the time at least one extracurricular activity. If you're this person, I respect you.

The one who finishes their essay the night before the deadline

Let's be real, all of us have been there. Picture this: you're on your bed, laptop, or your preferred device at hand, either barely awake or running on some random fuel. You check the time, it's 2 am, you start typing faster, you realize the sentence you just wrote makes no sense, and you feel like you want to die. Did that trigger some flashbacks? I know it did for me. Shoutout to all the people who can actually get a 7 after having an all-nighter - wish I was you.

I still don't get how I went from this:

to this:

so easily...

The one who types without looking at the keyboard (bonus points if you type fast)

We get it, you actually paid attention to the lessons we had about touch typing. Don’t get me wrong, you have a talent, a weirdly useful one, but you guys have a ridiculous computer screen time (probably even bigger than my phone screen time- and that’s saying something). I also admire your commitment to this skill, I was too lazy to learn it in PYP 6, and I'm still too lazy to learn it in DP2. Excuse me while I type this whole thing looking at my keyboard.

The one who says they failed, but we all secretly know they didn't

Yes, I'm talking about you. "No guys, I swear I failed this time, I can feel it in my bones". A week later or 6 months later depending on the teacher… "Hey, so-and-so what did you get for that test we had'' you reply - "oh I really didn't do that well'', "no way I’m sure you did amazing, what was your grade" - "I got a 6.", "What do you mean you didn't do well?!”,”It really isn’t that good I was aiming for a 7”. “What did you get?” they ask. “I got a 5”. “Oh my gosh, that’s so good!”. The following emoji is the best way to describe my facial expression every time this happens: 🤨.

The one who always gets their phone confiscated

We all hate this rule, although it may be necessary for some, I still don't understand why we can't use our phones during break and lunchtime, but that is an entirely different story and not a conversation I will be having with any of our school's heads. Anyway, if you do manage to use your phone during school hours, chances are that you will encounter Mr. Cardoso. Although I consider him an amazing teacher and tutor, he has a hawk’s vision when it comes to spotting phones. He somehow knows exactly what time we decide to pull it out from wherever it may be. This of course has been put on pause due to the pandemic and all that, but I fear at one point or another we will all have to deal with this all over again.

reference pic so you guys can be on the lookout →

The one who never has a pen

In this category, there are 2 types of people who forget pens. The first one is the - "Do you have a pen?". The absolute desperation in that person's voice when they say those words right before a test. Frantically looking around while most people say quiet no's and others just nod no. The tension is high until one person says "yeah I have one.", boom, instant relief. I really can't judge, I've been there, trust me. But of course, there's the one who is already used to it. The one who ALWAYS forgets their pen, or better, who never had a pen in the first place. I could never have this low of a level of anxiety, but you guys should really consider buying a pen. But apart from that, these people tend to be the ones who learn better listening rather than writing things down, and it's honestly impressive how well their memory works. A great tip for people who get their pens borrowed and never get them back is to get these pens, I guarantee it will be in your hand by the end of class.

Here's the link for that if you're interested:

The one who can actually draw

There tends to be a lot of people who are interested in arts or at least some form of it. Although there are a lot more people who eventually choose arts as their main artistic subject, there's a couple of people who can actually draw. Of course, like with most things “practice makes perfect” and bla bla bla but for sake of generalization I will put it as "natural talent". We all know the person who does the bubble letters when you have to make a poster in groups - if you're that person, this is the section for you.

The one who can actually debate

Okay, this section may get confused with the person who participates in class. I’m not talking about the person who raises their hand every 5 minutes in a class discussion, although this person may fit in both categories, this section is about the person who can argue for anything, this person may even be called "the devil's advocate" but for the purpose of this article I’m talking about the person who can do this in front of the classroom, bonus points if they actually go against the teacher's point of view.

The video game kids

Well, this is pretty self-explanatory… If in your free time, the thing you would like to do the most is playing video games, this category is probably for you. Video games are very entertaining, I have to admit. They are a great way to find friends (maybe even rivals). Specifically, violent games are an excellent way to get the anger out and to be very honest it's an amazing way to feel a sense of accomplishment when you're having a bad day. But only some of us bring video games to school as a form of entertainment during lunch or break time.

The one who actually put those 3 obligatory years of music to use

As much as everyone I know has some type of music genre they love, it doesn't mean that everyone has the patience to really know and enjoy playing an instrument. However, if you have been here since at least MYP1, you have had the opportunity to try to learn how to play an instrument. A couple of people have actually put those 3 years to use and now play magnificently well. I'm sure that a couple of names have already popped into your mind of people who definitely fall into this category. If you are unsure if you do fall into this category, ask yourself did you pay attention to any unit other than the “chest, thigh, clap” one? If the answer is yes, you probably belong in this category.

The drama kids

Have you participated in any of the school plays? If the answer is yes, there are two options: you can be an ex-drama kid or a current drama kid. Either way, you fall into this category, and as a fun ad on, feel free to answer the next few questions:

  1. What is the play where the main character has a white mask on half of his face?

  2. What is the phrase that is used to say "good luck" to an actor before they go on stage?

  3. What is the musical that tells the story of the founding fathers of the United States?

  4. In “Mamma Mia” how many possible dads does Sophie have?

  5. Elle Woods is a character in which play?

If you could answer all of these very basic questions correctly, congrats, you're probably a theater kid.

The ones who have stocks of memes on their phone

Very simple question, have you ever airdropped a meme to someone in any of the following situations: in the bus going to a march trip (or any school trip for that matter), during a lesson, or during break or lunch. If the answer is yes, it is very likely that you have at the very least 30 memes on your phone right now. You probably follow pubity, memezar, jokezar and maybe even i_have_no_memes96_v2. It's very likely that you have a group of friends that are probably the only ones that get your inside references to memes and other inside jokes. Specifically in the St.Francis context you're probably very funny (or at least you try to be) and you can probably make friends with anyone. Just to confirm, do you recognize these memes?

The athletes

Athletes have been described in many ways depending on who you are comparing them to. So I'm not saying you have to be an Olympic athlete to fall into this category. Quite obviously most of us won't even consider that being an option. If you play at least one sport and get chosen first in P.E. classes, chances are you are probably considered good by your classmates and I'll just trust their judgement on this one. Another big thing for St.Francis athletes is that they are looking forward to playing against the teachers in DP2. On top of that St.Francis athletes will find mostly any excuse to do P.E. instead of another class. If you are considering yourself to be part of this category you are probably competitive in one way or another and you may get very frustrated when things aren't going your way in a game. Either way back in primary you were most likely the house captain and you took the Peraltas trip very seriously. Even though houses are rarely even mentioned in secondary, Eagles is still the best (in my opinion).


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