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The Robb Elementary School Shooting

Tragedy has struck the United States once again. On May 24, 2022, the deadliest school shooting to have occurred

ever since Sandy Hook 10 years ago unfolded in the city of Uvalde, Texas. 19 innocent school students and two teachers were victims of the massacre, and the damage done by the alleged shooter, Salvador Ramos, will never be recovered. The gunman, days after turning 18, decided to purchase 2 assault rifles. From there, he was able to commit some of the worst crimes humanly possible, and is now responsible for one of the biggest school shootings in history.

Salvador Ramos had always been known for his aggression and violence, for he allegedly would repeatedly fight and threaten his peers. He was always considered to have “unusual behaviour”, and would even cut scars into his own face. Ramos had also dropped out of school quite recently.

The gunman had purchased his first weapon in March of 2021. Ever since then, there had been repeated signs on chats and social media all over the internet, where Salvador would post “only 10 more days”, or would speak about purchasing a rifle. On the morning of the shooting, Ramos shot his 66-year-old grandmother at her own home. From there, things only escalated.

Ramos, minutes before the shooting, crashed his car into a nearby ravine. From there he proceeded to invade the school, solely holding a backpack and some gear. Unfortunately, a teacher, a witness to the crash, once having called 911, entered the school without locking the main door. Officials are still investigating reasons why the door didn't lock, for this lack of security may have facilitated the entrance of the gunman.

Ramos began by firing multiple shots around the school, and once authorities approached, broke through into the school. From there it was non-stop gunshots, over and over. Ramos had locked himself into 2 classrooms filled with innocent lives. It is proven that he was able to fire hundreds of rounds at students and teachers. Fortunately, some were able to survive ths shots in the room.

After long minutes of the shooter actively firing shots in the classroom, policemen, who were already in the building, were finally able to shoot Ramos. 21 victims emerged from this tragedy, and memorial services began soon after the shooting occured.

The shooting has sparked several doubts and worries in the population. Did the shooting escalate due to the gun control laws, or the lack of professionalism of officials? Was it because of the school’s security system or solely due to the mental health of the shooter? Much is being debated, and more and more attention is being brought to the school shooting that has terrorized the city of Uvalde.

May all the victims rest in peace.


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