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“The movies that made us” go behind the scenes of some of the most well known movies of all time

By: Ana Helena

Netflix has a variety of movies and shows that tell a variety of interesting stories with perspectives, an example of that is a documentary series which was released in 2019. “The movies that made us”  is quite interesting and recommendable for people who aim to work with filmmaking and arts. It explores movies that shaped the way that filmmaking is to what it is today; going into depth of how directors, set designers and actors aimed to make the movies memorable and meaningful to its viewers. 

In addition to that, the series has a total of three seasons, with around 8–9 episodes in each. Each episode begins with an introduction of the given movie which will be the main focus within it. Then, it cuts to a short introduction on the directors and characters and there are a variety of interviews and discussions with relation to the movies. Furthermore, another huge element of this docu-series is the exploration of the way that the characters were made, which is extremely appealing to the viewers as they get to explore how each of them were brought to life. 

Moreover, it transports its viewers to the 80s and perhaps to their childhood as well, as it explores older movies, alongside with their soundtracks and visual elements of the decade. When it comes to how the show was made, it is a spinoff from another television series called “The toys that made us” except that, as explained, it focuses thoroughly upon movies. It shares some secrets that the viewers would never expect to see! Most of the behind the scenes are from horror movies and movies with a lot of CGI and visual effects, as those are the ones with the most behind the scene details. 

Examples of the movies that are presented within the show include: 

  • Alien 

  • Jaws 

  • Halloween

  • Dirty dancing

  • Friday the 13th

  • Nightmare on elm street

  • Robocop

  • Nightmare before Christmas 

  • Elf

  • Back to the future

  • Jurassic Park

  • Pretty woman 

  • Forrest Gump

  • Home alone 


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