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The Best Restaurants in SP

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

The Best Restaurants in SP You Probably Don't Know About

São Paulo: The metropolis in which we all live in. How is it that with so much culture surrounding us, we seem to get caught up in going to the same places, in the same neighbourhood, and eating the same things? After wandering around São Paulo, I was able to find a few hidden places with amazing meals which will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone while enjoying some good food.


A Casa do Porco- Bar:

5 Stars

R$100-150 (Full lunch)

Located in a tiny house, this restaurant will encourage you to visit the Centro; next to the Copã Building is ‘A Casa do Porco’: A paradise for pork lovers, and a truly unique culinary experience for all. The degustation menu, created by renowned chef Jefferson Rueda, will catch your eye with unique creations involving pork, mixed with typical Brazilian ingredients: Fried Pork belly covered in goiabada, pork sushi, pork tartar, and other questionable yet delicious creations.

After the appetizers, is served a typical Brazilian “PF”- the gourmetized way - Slow roasted pork with typical ‘farofa’, beans, cabbage and a delicious banana tartar: Could you possibly ask for more?

To top it off, order one of Rueda’s deserts, such as the caramel flan with cotton candy or the “bolinho de chuva”- An adapted version of churros.

The big lines might be intimidating at first- In that case, leave your phone number in the waiting list and explore the Centro until lunch time comes.

Sweet bread, pork belly, and secret sauce


Piu- Italian Restaurant

5 Stars

R$ 80-100

If you’re looking for an authentic yet modern Italian Restaurant, Piu is the place to go. Located in Pinheiros, Piu not only has some delicious pasta but also offers seafood and meat, which taste just as amazing. The restaurant can get a little busy, so avoid peak hours to make your experience the best it can possibly be. For dessert order the ‘Migle Fuelle’: Typically French puff pastry filled with custard, perfect to end a dinner on the right note.

Gnocchi with tomato sauce, pesto, and parmesan crisp


Na garagem- Burgers

4 Stars


‘Na garagem’ is not a chic spot. The tiny, ‘garage-like’ restaurant is typical from the hip neighbourhood of Pinheiros, and focuses on what matters: Burgers and fries. The way it works is very simple: 1) Order your juicy, delicious burger. 2) Wait anxiously to get it. 3)Take it away, or eat it on the spot. 4) Enjoy every second of it.

Cheeseburger and fries


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