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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Some argue that the best part of Halloween is the candy, horror movies, and ghost stories. I totally disagree with that. The best part of Halloween is definitely the costumes. It's that one time of the year when we get to dress up and pretend we are a completely different persona without feeling judged. We let our creativity run loose, as well as that infantile part of ourselves. We also love to get compliments on what we are wearing and feel ourselves even though we haven’t dressed like ourselves. Not only that, but we all want to have the BEST Halloween costume, so that is why I present you with the best costume ideas to look different, classic, hot, or scary.

Classics that just are showstopping

  • Greek goddess

You can't go wrong as a goddess. Turns out, all you need is a white dress and golden accessories. Gladiator sandals and golden headwear are a must, as is golden makeup. Bracelets and necklaces also bring a god-like touch to the costume. The fun thing about this look is that you can choose whether you want a long or short dress, or a skirt and a top… there are unlimited ways to make it a showstopping costume. Golden temporary tattoos can also be a delicate touch to the overall aesthetic.

  • Fairy

The fairy look is probably one of the most classic Halloween costumes there is. You probably wore it as a kid, and you can still wear it now. The thing about the fairy costume is that it can be differentiated from others very easily, so you are wearing something classic yet unique by adding your own personal touch to the magical creature you will be portraying. From corsets to shiny dresses, the must-have of the costume are the wings. You can also easily find the sharp/pointy silicone ears that just add to the magical overall appearance. Colorful jewelry with crystals and vibrant stones is a perfect fit for completing the mystical aesthetic.

  • Pirate

If you want a dark, loose but still alluring costume, being a pirate is the best option. Simple as it can be, you can start building up your costume with an oversized white T-shirt. A bandana on your hair with little braids straddling from your hair creates the perfect look. Black fishnets and high knee black or brown boots will make you look showstopping, and match your black foxy eyes. Don't forget gold, black, or a red belt maybe even a corset, they are essential to accomplish the whole pirate effect on the costume. Gold jewelry such as hoops and crucifixes will make your outfit even more detailed and ravishing.

The different looks

  • Cheshire cat

From a cliché favorite that we have all grown up watching, Alice in Wonderland is one of the most iconic movies of all time. The magical scenery just fits perfectly into the Halloween theme. One of the characters everyone forgets about is the Cheshire cat, the most mystical one. The fun about this costume is the makeup and hair. Spray-paint your hair pink or purple, or if you decide to make things easier, just wear a wig. The makeup is simply astonishing, with the wide mouth and the vibrant eyeshadow stealing everyone’s attention. The clothes themselves are very simple, cat years and striped pants or tracksuit, or even just black. I guarantee you, no one will be wearing this.

  • A flower

This costume will no doubt take a lot of effort to construct, but if done right, no one will ever top it. Being a flower is no wear near being cliché, and it's actually pretty original. Looking delicate yet vibrant, it can also be a group costume, in which each one of your friends dresses up as a type of flower.

  • A butterfly

Continuing on the nature theme, a butterfly is a pretty mystical yet elegant creature, making this costume a perfect fit for Halloween. The makeup can be very fun and detailed, plus the wings really are the wow factor in the costume.

The group costumes

  • Playboy - bunnies and Hugh Hefner

I don't mean to get controversial and all, but this Halloween costume has to be mentioned. Hugh Hefner and his bunnies are just iconic, as inappropriate as it is. Please don't come to school wearing this, but if you have a party, and you feel comfortable it is just an enigmatic group or BFF costume. A black dress, and bunny ears, and you're good to go.

  • Power Rangers

We all watched it as kids, but almost no one has done this costume except for Kylie Jenner herself, the power rangers. This is a harder costume to find, but if you and your friends manage to find it, I guarantee you it will be one of the best.

  • Winx

Another show we all loved as kids: WINX! If you haven’t watched, do you even have a childhood? Each friend being a Winx is iconic, to say the least, and building the look isn't as tough as you think.

I hope after reading the creative guide, you are full of ideas about what to wear for Halloween. Remember that the most important thing is to have fun and feel comfortable with what you are wearing! Happy Halloween!!


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