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The Best Games of the Generation

As the PS5 and Xbox Series X have been released, the console generation of the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch is coming to an end. The last 7 years of games have brought incredible stories, beautiful graphics, and compelling gameplay. In this article, I would like to list off some of my favorite games, why I love them, and why you should play them.

Before starting the official list I would like to quickly list off some honorable mentions

Spiderman (2018) - The best superhero game ever, great combat, surprisingly emotional story, and a vividly realized New York City. If you're at all into Spiderman or superheroes, this is a must-play.

Uncharted 4 (2016) - Uncharted has been a staple in videogames since the PS3 and this game closes the book on the series perfectly. If you've ever wanted to play through an Indiana Jones movie, play all the Uncharted games you won't be disappointed.

DOOM (2016) - In this game all you do is shoot demons, that may sound repetitive but trust me, once you start you won't want to do anything else. If you like shooters, play it.

Now onto the list

5 - God Of War

Kratos, the god of war, is a videogame icon however this game reimagined the franchise,switching from Greek to Norse mythology. It's still God Of War so you can expect blood, huge monsters and brutal combat. Kratos's new weapon, the Leviathan axe, is the most satistfying tool of destruction I've ever wielded.But where this game really shines is in the relationship between Kratos and his son Atreus as they go on an epic quest to honor Kratos's wife and Atreus's mother. Every insane boss battle is made more profound because of the game's emotional core and each enemy slaughtered is another step on this bonding journey between father and son. If you like mythology, killing monsters, and moving stories, play it

4 - The Last of Us Part 2

Easily the most controversial game on this list, The Last of Us Part II is a depressing trek through a desolate world where there is little hope to be found. The gameplay is so tense and frantic that when each combat encounter ends, your heart will be racing. The story is bleak, tragic and as it unfolds you'll question the characters' motivations and objectives. The environments are beautifully detailed and the level design is superb. The game starts directly after the end of the first game, so it is necessary to play both in order to get the full experience. It is very difficult to talk about this game without spoiling it, so I'll just say that this game and the first Last Of Us are essential for any gamer who loves deep stories and stealth gameplay.

3 - Super Mario Odyssey

Mario is the king of videogames and this game just further cements his place on the throne. It just radiates pure joy when playing it, the levels are colorful and inventive, the controls are as tight and responsive as Mario's ever been and the capture mechanic which allows you to control the enemies in order to progress is brilliant. The game doesn't innovate all that much but what it does is perfect 3D platformer gameplay. The real standout is New Donk City which allows you to apply classic Mario gameplay to a large city full of secrets and places to explore. Try to play this and not have a smile on your face, I dare you. If you like platformers, Mario, and having fun, this game is for you.

2 - Red Dead Redemption 2

This is the cowboy game. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most impressive games ever made in sheer scale and scope,. It presents to you a massive open world to explore that feels truly lived in, with unexpected moments all around. While the gameplay mainly consists of horse-riding and shootouts, the game introduces enough novelty to keep it from getting stale. However, the story is what makes this game amazing, making you sympathize with outlaw Arthur Morgan and drawing you into the lives of his gang as they attempt to survive a rapidly disappearing Wild West. If you've ever wanted to be a cowboy, this is the best way to fulfill that fantasy.

1 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

This game basically has no story and no interesting characters so why is it number 1 on the list? It's because it allows you to truly go on an adventure as Link. Hyrule is a gigantic land to explore where every new place is truly astounding. You can climb mountains, find ancient ruins, and fight monsters in the most creative ways. The game gives the tools to play the way you want to play and most importantly gives you the freedom to approach any situation the way you want. Its an absolute masterpiece and a must-play for every gamer, it's the game of the decade.

By Giovanni Vercellino

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