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SOS! What to do on mother's day?

Some say that 'God can't be everywhere, that's why he made mothers'. It is no secret that a child is forever impacted by the beauty of motherhood. Personally, my mother was my first teacher, she taught me the set of moral codes and values which follow me until today, and I will always be grateful for that.

This mother's day, why not take your mom somewhere special? There are plenty of ideas to honour her on this special day, letting her know how much you care.


My mother and I LOVE brunch. It's our thing. My favorite place for brunch in São Paulo is a very simple one. Located in the heart of Vila Madalena, 'Lá da Venda' is owned by a chef specialized in French pastries. The food, however, is far from that: The award-winning pão de queijo, Goiabada, and the delicious homemade cakes are everything a Brazilian could ask for breakfast, and the ambient truly makes you feel as if you were in your grandmother's farm in the northeast of Brazil.

Lá da Venda- Breakfast buffet

Mother's day means that it is time to give back to your mom for all of the efforts that she did. So why not allow her to relax with a well-deserved spa-day? Aigai spa is truly a sanctuary for those looking for peace in the middle of our concrete jungle. You can schedule an appointment for your mom, or even join her if you feel like keeping her company!

Aigai spa

Sports are one of the things that make me and my mom so connected- We love it. When it comes to this subject, there are multiple options to choose from. If she feels like relaxing, a yoga class is the way to go. But if your mom's up to a bigger challenge, maybe try a spinning class at spin n' soul, or even a hiit running section at race bootcamp. After that, you can take her to her favorite lunch spot in order to make up for all the calories lost.

Spin n' soul

As I see it, simplicity is key when it comes to gifts, and sometimes, it is better not to over exaggerate. Instead, gifting your mom with something that comes from the heart will surely please them more than anything. Yes, I know. VERY cliché, but it's true, and I'm sure all mothers would agree.

I have recently come across this little flower shop in Pinheiros, called a bela do dia. Although a small business, they sell bouquets of extremely good taste and make a great decoration for the house.

A bela do dia

This year, remember that every day should be mother's day: So don't wait until Sunday to tell your mother that you love her. Instead, recognize the key role that she might play in your life, acknowledging the hard work that comes with raising children. I guess mothers truly are superheroes.


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