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Romantic Spots to Take Your Date

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

3 romantic spots to take your date in São Paulo

Luckily for ones, not as much for others, the famous love month has arrived. When it comes to a date, it is sometimes hard to find a perfect spot, which should embed lots of different things: Food quality, sophistication and quietness, to induce conversation. After searching for long, I have found the perfect, top-notch places, for an unforgettable night out.

Bistrot Parigi

Nothing screams "romantic" more than French food. Luckily, you won't have to go too far to taste this delicious cuisine, as there are multiple options not too far away. Bistrot Parigi, one of the Fasano restaurants, is located at the rooftop of Shopping Cidade Jardim, with a special view of the city, and is a high-end option for those looking for a special night out. The tables are far from each other creating a quiet and calm environment, which allows for great conversation. The spectacular food truly lives up to the "Fasano" standards: Chic, modern and top quality. A favourite of mine is the typical onion soup, covered in bread, but other choices such as the fondue, boeuf bourguignon, veal and shrimp spaghetti are just as amazing.

For dessert, classic French recipes such as the mouthwatering pain perdu, a sweet bread soaked in milk, or the mille-feuille, a delicate French pastry, are typically the way to go.

Onion soup

Pain Perdu


When asked about where the best pizza in São Paulo is, my answer will always be 'Carlos'! This little yet modern spot is located in the Bohemian neighbourhood of Vila Madalena. It is known for its traditional Italian style pizza and truly lives up to its reputation. Why romantic? Well, the restaurant is illuminated with candles and the dim light creates an atmosphere that is basically all you could ever ask out of a date.

In order to avoid the lines, it is always recommended to arrive early… or really late in the evening. Regardless of the time chosen, the quality of the pizza is easily noticed, as the ingredients are carefully chosen by the chef. One great recommendation is the burrata pizza, as the cheese melts in your mouth in a true explosion of flavours. To top it off, the Nutella ice cream is also a favourite!



"Ristorantino" is a fairly new discovery of mine. One day, scrolling through Instagram I saw a picture of a beautiful truffled lasagna. From that moment on, I knew I needed to pay them a visit urgently. As I arrived, I knew exactly what to order: the so-desired dish truly blew me away, as expected, and I've been recommending it ever since.

Ristorantino is a spacious, elegant and quiet spot to go on a date. I mean, is there any a better date than to share lasagna?

Truffled Lasagna

The restaurants above are great spots for a special occasion, even if that means bringing (and impressing) your family or friends. Remember to have fun, regardless of whether you are taken or not!


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