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Rating The Best Workout Classes in SP

After years of experimenting, and looking for new workout classes to try around the city, I can confidently call myself somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to this topic. Workout classes can be a little intimidating to try for the first time, so I have gathered a list from best to worst in SP from my personal experience to help you have the most pleasurable experience possible, PS: all the ratings are out of five stars

1. Studio Bit (★★★★★)

With lots of personal space to workout, and loud music, Studio Bit is by far the most underrated workout class in SP. The workouts are never the same, ranging from tabata to circuits, and sometimes even taking the whole class outside for a running portion. They are pretty intense so I wouldn't recommend this class to a person who's just starting out, but even if you are experienced I can guarantee you will wake up feeling sore the next morning. The instructors are super fun and welcoming and will guarantee you have a good experience, while also giving you useful advice. The people that go to this class are usually a younger crowd (20-30 year-olds) and they are quite welcoming as well.

PRO TIP: make sure you are using the BLACK jump ropes as the other ones aren't as good ;)


2. Spin n' soul (Soul fight) (★★★★★)

Another very underrated workout class is not the spinning class at Spin n' Soul but "Soul Fight" which is a functional-fight fusion that Spin n' Soul has mastered throughout the years. The crowd in this workout tends to be on the older side of the spectrum but they're honestly very approachable and after a while it almost seems like working out with your second family. The workout targets the lower body, upper body, abs, and finally a fighting portion where you will practice throwing punches, kicking and "kneeing" . This class is especially good if you need to let out some steam cause you will be punching your troubles away.

PRO TIP: always try to book the class with the least amount of people so that the teacher can focus on you and guide you through more complicated punch sequences


3. Vidya (★★★★)

While this wouldn't be considered a traditional workout class I can guarantee you will leave feeling sweatier than you ever have. This yoga class takes place in a 40 Cº room with atmospheric lighting, music and even scent, you are surely going to be the most relaxed you have ever been. I wouldn't call this a very hard yoga class per say but the heat definitely does add to the difficulty factor. A lot of people will be scared away by the temperature but it really isn't that bad especially if you are a native Brazilian ;) The extra heat also allows you to push your joints even further and get an even better stretch in. The people in this class usually stick to themselves but they do tend to be a little bit older.

PRO TIP: remember to rehydrate before and after this class: you will sweat a lot therefore losing a ton of fluids so you MUST make sure to get them back into your system.


4. Studio KORE (★★★★)

Studio KORE is a workout class divided into three different stations (body weight, cardio, and weights) and you alternate between all of them 3 times. Each day of the week targets a different body part (Upper body, lower body, full body etc…) It is of medium difficulty but the masks make it quite hard, especially the cardio portion. Something I especially like about this class is its ambiance and colorful lights. The music is also better than most workout classes in my opinion. The creators of this workout class are the ex-it couple Gabriela Pugliesi and Erasmo Viana, known for their fit bodies and healthy lifestyles, you are very likely to run into them at the studios.

PRO TIP: Wear a mask made specifically for sports, Lupo is a great brand!


Race Bootcamp (★★)

This may seem like a controversial take but Race Bootcamp is one of the most overrated workout classes in all of São Paulo. It's divided into three or four different sets, and you alternate between a treadmill and a more functional workout. It has the potential of being a good class but the large number of people in the same room makes it impossible for a single instructor to correct all the people who are making mistakes and that can lead to injuries. The running portion of the class is pretty hard but mostly because you have to keep your mask on during all times making it impossible to catch your breath and resulting in having to take a bunch of breaks throughout the class. The people in this class can be a little difficult since you have to share a station with someone else, but what's most annoying are the people who just go to this class to post it on their Instagram and leave 5 minutes later.

PRO TIP: Wear a mask made specifically for sports, Lupo is a great brand!


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