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Say you’re hungry after school and want to find somewhere to go for a quick snack or a meal. Maybe you’re waiting for a parent to pick you up or a sibling to finish their ECA. In this article, I will list 10+ places you can go to satisfy your needs! Some are well known to all St Francis students and staff, and others are new finds that will be worth taking the time out of your day to look more into!

Frida e Mina

📍R. Artur de Azevedo, 1147

This first one on the list is most definitely a must-have. Frida e Mina is iconic for its delicious and natural ice cream flavours as well as their homemade cones. This is somewhere quick you can go to with your friends right after school or even when you’re finishing your lunch up! It’s just across the street and has always been a temptation for me whenever I see it from building A.

Go Coffee

📍R. Artur de Azevedo, 1024

GoCoffee is the next place on the list; a location that only opened at the start of this school year. This coffee shop is also extremely close to school and offers a wide range of drinks like coffee, frappuccinos, tea, etc. Not only do they serve drinks, but also a variety of sweets such as muffins, cookies, and croissants. Something I would recommend as an after school sweet and refresher would most definitely be the salted caramel frappuccino!

Mica Crafted Chocolates

📍R. Artur de Azevedo, 1199

This is a location that I stumbled upon when walking around with my friends during one of the “half days” we had. This turned out to be an amazing find. With a relatively plain exterior, the inside is an immediate burst of colors and an immense experience. They specialize in making beautiful and colorful chocolates and they even allow you to see the whole process! I am not even able to add all the amazing pictures here so it’s definitely worth the visit to see for yourself.

Isakaya Toki

📍R. Artur de Azevedo, 986

This is one of the more restaurant and lunch oriented places on this list. This Japanese restaurant has a very diverse menu with sushi, noodles, chicken, soup, and many more. The aesthetics are also very pleasing to the eye and is extremely close to school. It is open Tuesday through Sunday and doesn’t have a busy schedule during lunch hours so it is definitely a viable option for DP students or teachers to go to during lunch!

La guapa

📍Rua dos Pinheiros, 248

An empanada restaurant with delicious and full empanada pastries. It is also located near school and is a good place to stop by if you aren’t looking for a huge meal. They have a variety of different empanadas in shapes and sizes as well as having vegan options!

Cozinha 212

📍R. dos Pinheiros, 174

This is definitely a location that is worth the visit if you are interested in seafood. With beautiful decorations and colouring, this is a place where you can enjoy the quality of food over dinner with a friend.

KOF- King of the Fork

📍R. Artur de Azevedo, 1317

KOF - King of the Fork is a cafe with a theme, bikes. It has bikes hanging on their walls where they serve sandwiches, coffee, beer, and even sell jewelry! It had a beautiful interior and exterior and is definitely I place I will be frequenting.

Honourable Mentions:

Most, if not all of you must’ve realised that I didn’t include the classic well-known places, don’t fret for this section is dedicated to them.


  • R. dos Pinheiros, 320


  • R. dos Pinheiros, 70

Z deli

  • R. Francisco Leitão, 16

Borger Burger

  • R. Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 211

Braz Elettrica

  • R. dos Pinheiros, 220

Baccio di Latte

  • R. dos Pinheiros, 404

Pop Donuts

  • R. Dr. Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 185

The Coffee

  • R. dos Pinheiros, 466

Padoca do Mani

  • R. Joaquim Antunes, 138


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