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Monkey sighting at school

Monkey appears at school puzzling everyone who witnessed it

All seemed normal during lunch break on Monday the 25th of October, until a few students noticed weird movements among the leaves near the tree close to the covered area. Soon there was a huge crowd of MYP2s and MYP4s gathered around the tree to have a look at a monkey who mysteriously appeared on one of its branches. This sparked curiosities which were left unanswered, but today the Saint Francis Post will be up to no monkey business and will give a little clarity to the situation.

Here is a short Video of what happened that day

One of the witness of the event, Felipe Motta gave us a little insight as to what happened that day:

“I had just finished my lunch when I heard one of my friends telling me there was a monkey in school. At first I didn’t believe him but he kept insisting so I agreed to have a look. When I got to the tree there was a huge crowd around it and in one of its branches there was a very small greyish monkey. I was very surprised to say the least; you never really expect to see a monkey on the city, especially in school”

However it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Greta Zarvos, another spectator of the event, tells us about the dark truth to the story:

“I was looking at the monkey and everybody was yelling around it and I think it made him anxious cause I saw him pee and he looked nervous”

Indeed the monkey did pee himself; although unfortunately there is no video proof, various other witnesses also stated that they did see the monkey excreting urinating, who many also associate with it being nervous.

What happened to the monkey?

The Saint Francis Post was able to contact a bedel at school. Unexpectedly, she said that this is not the first time something like this happened, and that occurrences like these generally follow the same formula: the students spot the animal, gather around it, then, either the animal is shy so it gets scared of the crowd, or they play with the students. Here is a flowchart demonstrating how it normally plays out

In this case the monkey was shy - so shy that he seemed to have disappeared in the few minutes that everyone was packing up to go to period 7. MYP4s were bamboozled as to how this monkey was able to vanish so quickly. Not even the bedels knew what had happened to the monkey, only that he had left us while we were monkeying about.

The ape didn’t leave us empty handed, though. He gifted us a barely eaten banana which no one dared to finish and was ceremonially thrown into an non-recyclable bin. He also gifted all that were present an unforgettable memory; in fact, with the short amount of time he spent in those branches next to the covered area, he left his mark in Saint Francis College history, and will be admired by future pupils.


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