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Met Gala Break Down

This year the official Met Gala theme was "Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion". I will be breaking down the top 5 best dressed and the top 10 worst dressed (because there were a lot of people who simply didn't understand the assignment).

Top 5 best dressed:

1. Billie Elish - wearing Oscar de la Renta and Cartier jewels

Of course, Billie Elish had to be in the top 5 best dressed for this year’s Met Gala. This look is old hollywood glamour and is everything that is expected for this year’s theme - American Fashion. She is wearing Oscar de la Renta and is absolutely radiating walking down the carpet. Towards the back of the picture you can even

see her brother Phineas wearing Gucci and looking radiant as well. Billie’s dress has been a major hit on the internet and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the dress. This is a look never seen before on Billie Eilish, as she is known for her iconic "streetwear", "baggy" look is almost always with a darker tone of clothing, this however has been a very pleasant surprise. The 19 year old was reported to be interested in “surprising everyone with a look she has never done before”. Of course, being the icon she is, Billie did not waste the opportunity to strike a deal with one of the world's most renowned brands, managing to make Oscar de la Renta stop selling fur in all of the stores - obviously the deal was made and I am sure he will not regret it. Although not visible in this picture the dress has an extremely long train that can take up to 1 full flight of stairs of the Met Gala stairs (4.6 meters) . She is wearing Cartier jewels which perfectly complement the peach princess dress and looks absolutely amazing with her hair and make up. Her hair is reflecting her inspiration for the dress - Marilyn Monroe.

2. Kendall Jenner - Givenchy

Kendall Jenner understood the assignment and executed it perfectly. The translucent nude dress embedded with silver stars is inspired by Audrey Hepburn in "My Fair Lady". The dress was designed by Givenchy and put a sexy twist on this classic look. Her dress is floor length with a slight train in the back. She looks amazing while still fitting the theme. This year's theme was honestly so hard to implement. I'm honestly surprised that so many people pulled it off. Kendall, however, definitely had to be on the top 5 best dressed of this year.

3. Anok Yai - Oscar de la Renta

While at the last Met Gala most people attending came up with their own interpretation for "Camp". This year, however, most attendees took inspiration from American icons and fashion eras. Anok Yai, an American fashion model is dressed fully in Oscar de la Renta with a look inspired by the 1920's and Josephine Baker. She looks impeccable in this celestial gown with the classic voluminous fur coat and the opera gloves. Looking both modern, in theme and quintessential, Anok Yai is third on my list. Her jewelry makes sure to enhance her dress and skin tone whilst still standing out. A statement definitely has been made by Anok Yai and as she walks down many more runways I am excited to see what creative inspirations she comes up with next.

4. Emma chamberlain - Louis Vuitton

Personally I did not think that Emma Chamberlain of all people would look this good but she surprised everyone. Her cut out glistening dress was custom

made by Louis Vuitton inspired by 70's fashion. Her dress has a train on the side which I never thought I would like but on her it looks amazing. Emma says the dress "is comfortable" and gave her "a feeling" that she couldn't explain but she felt good in it and she certainly made a good choice because she looks amazing. The back of the dress is absolutely stunning too, The chained back and asymmetrical skirt gives a modern vibe to the 70's look that she was going for.

5. Kaia Gerber - Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta did not come to mess around, styling 3/5 on the top 5 best dressed list. Kaia Gerber is looking beautiful in her obvious homenaje to Bianca Jagger. This black, strapless dress with floral detailing in the neckline was originally created by Dior in 1981's Met Gala for Bianca. Kaia Gerber has proven to know how to make an iconic historical reference. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next year. I do have to say that the 2 dresses are extremely similar and I would have loved to have seen more artistic interpretation from Oscar de la Renta. Other than that, she pulled this dress off and the theme to a tea.

Honorable mentions (good):

1. Grimes - Iris Van Herpen

Grimes is wearing a super badass gown made by Iris Van Herpen, created based on the inspiration of the iconic sci-fi novel "Dune". The gown is made out of liquid silicone and hand-pleated silk but is not the main attraction of this look. She quite obviously has taken an enormous sword which

matches her mask to complete the look. What is most impressive about the sword, is that it is allegedly made out of "fermented guns". The total look reportedly took 900 hours to make and boy was it worth it. The singer looks amazing and definitely deserves an honorable mention. Although it may not be clear to everyone she is still in theme and created an amazing look for this year's Met Gala.

2. Ben platt - Christian Cowan

Ben Platt has absolutely nailed this year's theme in my opinion. It is creative and yet classic and clearly representing the 70's era. This jean look with the chunky steve Madden shoes was put together by Christian Cowan. He is bringing everything I wanted to see and is transporting us to the past with this amazing look.

3. Nikkie de Jager - Edwin Oudshoorn

Nikkie de Jager is clearly making a reference to the black transgender icon - Marsha P. Johnson. This makeup guru has used this turquoise tulle dress made by Edwin Oudshoorn using the famous phrase said by the activist - "Pay It No Mind". Which in my opinion is absolutely amazing and extremely creative, which is why she is getting an honorable mention for this year's Met Gala.

4. Lil Nas X - Atelier Versace

Lil Nas X is known for going all out in these types of events. He did not only serve 1 but 3 different looks and looked absolutely amazing in every single one of them. The singer is wearing Atelier Versace in all of them and explains that they wanted to start off with the cloak representing royalty and then the second look is representing when he first got to the industry and no one knew who he was which is why he had to build an armor around himself and now he has fully come out which represents the breakdown of the armor into this fitted jeweled bodysuit. Although I am not quite sure now this would fit into this year's theme, Lil Nas X came to impress and with an amazing story behind every look as well.

5. Barbie Ferreira - Jonathan Simkhai

This "Europhia" actress has served several looks since coming to fame and to this year's Met Gala it was no different. She came in an off-the-shoulder gown made by Johnathan Simkhai which perfectly channels her inspiration - old Hollywood glamour. She completely blinged out for this look and we are more than here for it. I'm so excited to see what she comes up with next year.

6. Yara Shahidi - dior

Yara Shahidi is another one who honored Josephine Baker with her look. She wore a strapless Dior dress with a long tail and a thin belt. She is also wearing the classic 70's opera gloves that match with the dresses' beading. To top it all off she is wearing a diamond choker. This actress has been known to work with Dior as she became a global ambassador for the brand this year. She is committed to activism and what an amazing opportunity to show off one of her inspirations.

7. Iman - Harris Reed and Dolce Gabbana

With all of these beautiful gowns in this amazing fashion event it is hard to stand out from the crowd but Iman absolutely did. The supermodel came in with a custom made bustier and trousers with a feathered cage overskirt and a huge headpiece which was designed by Haris Reed in collaboration with Dolce Gabbana. She dressed to impress and she is truly doing just that.

8. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is looking like a goddess as she walks down Met Gala's "red" carpet. She is wearing Miu Miu from head to toe, based on the inspiration from the fashion film, Ziegfeld Girl.

9. Gigi Hadid - Prada

This extraordinarily gorgeous supermodel is looking remarkable wearing Prada. She is transmitting all of the 60's vibes I was hoping to receive when I heard this year's theme. She is wearing a black and white strapless gown with black opera gloves which complements her look. However, it's her hair that surprised everyone. She has become a redhead again and she is once again startling the world with her beauty. The new momma says she is hoping to inspire her daughter tonight by showing her that it is okay to fully dress up and own it.

here are some looks that didn't make it to the worst dressed but definitely are not in the top. Keeping it too simple or disappointing us with their looks here are this year's - "eh's".

And these are the ones that I can't even talk about without sobbing

Top 5 worst dressed:

1. Kim Kardashian - Balenciaga

The Kardashian’s have mostly always tried to bring full blown glam to the Met Gala. So needless to say it was definitely a surprise when Kim Kardashian appeared as a literal shadow to this event. I can’t find the words to express my first impression of this look. She goes on Instagram after the event to post a picture of her walking down the carpet with a caption that states “What’s more American than a T-shirt head to toe?!”. However, what is most surprising to me is that under a full catsuit and mask she is wearing a full face of makeup made by Mario Dedivanovic and I would just like to ask: was it worth it Mario? This would not be enough for the one and only Kim Kardashian so instead of buying a fancy gown and jewels all the money was spent on her 10,000 dollar hair extensions.

2. Nia Dennis - Stella McCartney

When I looked at Nia Dennis I fully believed that this was the weirdest look at the Met Gala, of course as I scrolled through the list I quickly found that this was not the case, although she is one the top 10 worst dressed in my book. You would think that after being a gymnast for so long she would get tired of bodysuits but no, she came in a blue hued outfit by Stella McCartney. And although she did make quite an entrance by pulling off a cartwheel-back handspring, back layout and stag and switch leaps on the stairs of the Met, she didn’t land with this outfit.

3. Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka is a young athlete that certainly knows how to create a fashion statement however this look just doesn’t cut it for me. The now ambassador of Louis Vuitton, was trying to create a homage to her Japanese heritage. Her look consisted of 22 ruffles, a 50 m silk hem, along with 18 m of leather satin. One must give credit to creativity but this just lacks finesse. I am also failing to understand how this look fits the theme at all.

4. Madison Beer

Madison Beer has always served looks, and I was especially excited when I saw her VMA look inspired by Beyoncé, however this was simply a huge miss for me. And that is simply due to the fact that neither the color nor the model of the dress compliments her in any way and is just washing her out on the carpet. Her reference for the dress is accurate when she says it was inspired by Marylin Monroe’s “Gentlemen prefer blondes” gown but it just doesn’t strike me and the colors just aren’t working.

5. Kim Petras - Collina Strada

Now this is what I call a Fashion catastrophe. As someone who loves horse riding as just horses in general I'm glad to say I'd never dress as a horse. First of all I don't understand the inspiration for this dress. This makes no sense with the theme and it is just hideous. Even if I ignore this massive head the pattern of the dress is also a monstrosity. The slit is in the very front of the dress and just doesn't compliment anything that is happening. There are a million things to look at and none of them work. Overall a massive fail. The good news is that it is only up from here. I know we are all hoping Kim Petras gets a new wave of inspiration for next year.

6. Ciara - Dundas

The inspiration is clear for this dress, I have to give her that, but everything else is just bad. The shimmery green makes the down look cheap and the cutouts on her waist

just don't compliment her body type. The clutch is amazing but I just can't stand the way it was put together. The inspiration is clever and it could have worked out really well if it wasn't for the color. I would have loved to see the same inspiration in suit form with that clutch. This dress is just giving me brussel sprouts goes to prom.

7. Regina King

What is there to say about Regina King's Mala gala outfit? This suit inspired dress is just not what Met gala is all about - finesse and fashion. Although I do like the coat, the dress is simply a box, once again the slit in the front does nothing for this outfit and the buttons just make the whole outfit go to waste.

8. Monica Mosseri - Camoarette

I can't even understand why this was ever created, much less worn at one of the most iconic events in fashion. The dress might have worked if there wasn't the sheer fabric on top of the corset but still the hair doesn't compliment the dress so this look is a defiant "no".

9. Serena Williams

Let's talk about the fur coat. It could have worked with a gown as an element of surprise as to what could have been beneath it, but instead of wanting her to take it off to reveal the rest of the outfit, I would prefer if the dead flamingos stayed on. The body suit doesn't work with that fabric and those stars certainly don't bring the look together. That purse looks like something middle school me would want and those shoes I can't even comment on.

10. Simone Biles

Simone Biles could have served a look if it was just either of the parts she was wearing, however putting it together, with once again the front slit makes both parts not work. It might be just the pose but it seems like she has to hold it to keep it from falling which is a terrible feeling in my opinion, but I do love the hair and the shoes.


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