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Letter from the Editors

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Welcome back to the St Francis Post! With a new year, a new time begins for The Post. Our team has been preparing some special surprises to keep everyone as engaged in the newspaper as ever!

Before we begin, here are some exciting announcements for 2019:

1) Editors - We are sad to see our beloved editors, Laura and Mirella, part ways from the newspaper but they are busy moving on to their enticing university experiences; and we wish our founder all the best! However, taking over we have Henrique Caldas and Lara Maia from DP1.

2) Themes - Expect new and exciting themes each month as our team prepares special editions! To start off 2019 with a kick, we have a Valentine's Day Special Edition that will cover topics on dating advice, the history of dating, the Art of Being Single, St Francis' hottest couples and more!

3) New Columns - Our journalists have designed a new column that is entirely focused on creative writing. Any student, teacher or staff member can now submit their own pieces and get a chance to be featured on the site! (For more information or submissions contact us at:

4) Upload Schedule - The Post counts on an amazing team of journalists and designers that keep the show running. With that in mind, we have a new upload schedule that might help you know when to check for more. Articles will be published every Monday and Wednesday until 9 am and new quizzes will come every Friday at the same time. There will also be two exclusive articles released on the first and last Friday of each month!


Henrique Caldas

Lara Maia

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Unknown member
Feb 12, 2019

Love you guys! Good luck, I'm sure the newspaper is in good hands. <333

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