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How to Stay Motivated During the Holidays to Study

Studying during the holidays can be difficult, especially if you just want to go out and enjoy your free time. Whether you're just like me and have mocks coming up in January, simply trying to focus, or figuring out how to get rid of pen stains from your clothes because you fell asleep while writing, there's a lot to work on. But with proper planning, you can eliminate that worry.

1. Set a schedule

The only thing that keeps you on track during your vacation is the organisation! Setting a schedule is most definitely the most important tip I will give. Put a tight schedule and stick to it. Write down what you want to do every day, every week, and check it one by one. But don't fall into the trap of trying to overtake. It becomes a new standard when you overtake and always stay ahead of time. Stick to what you write down and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when you're done. Suppose you leave everything for the last minute. In that case, you will overload yourself and eventually lose the motivation to continue with your studies, probably resulting in a not pleasant performance if you have exams coming up.

2. Take a break

Taking a break is extremely crucial to keep your schedule, but including intervals is also very important. If you do too much work, you will have burnout, no information, and fall asleep while studying. When it comes to breaks, it's vital to get up often, walk around, and sometimes take an entire day off. Schedule it, and you'll be completely free from guilt. After all, holidays are all about taking a break and relaxing; it’s the most wanted and most awaited time of the year. Everyone deserves a break from getting up at 7:AM for almost five months straight. Taking regular intervals can help to prevent study fatigue and keep you focused. These breaks allow you to refresh your mind and improve creativity and help you maintain your attention and regain your motivation.

3. Reward yourself

Studying can be a daunting task, which is an excellent reason to reward yourself often. Celebrate it at the end of the day, on the weekends, or at the end of a particular learning module. It may take several hours to spend time with friends, watch movies, and enjoy your favourite candies. Such positive enhancements help keep you motivated and focused for your next lesson. Connecting a reward to a period of compelling study gives you a mental break and will motivate you to want to study the next time effectively. Although, this step can only be quickly done when following your plan explained on tip #1. Try studying for an hour non-stop, then repay this sacrifice by doing one of your favourite activities. Holidays shouldn’t be a time to review and, yes, a time to relax and do what you most like, however revising is still key to mastering your knowledge, even on vacation. Don’t be ashamed. Open your books and revise!! There’s plenty of time for fun and studying.

4. Study with a friend

Working in groups is a proven way of studying effectively, as you can bounce ideas off each other and discuss what you’re writing down. Learning with friends can reinforce your learning habits and understanding. Whether it be exposing yourself to new methods of learning or techniques to build confidence, studying with friends can encourage each other to learn new skills and concepts. Both verbal and written study techniques back each other up and consolidate the information you’re trying to hold on to. Also, it’s good to be with people who are going through the same thing as you, and know that you’re not the only one studying during the holidays.

5. Read a book

There’s a specific reason for almost every single teacher inisting in you reading a book. Reading not only enriches your vocabulary and capacity of knowledge, but it also helps you discover yourself. This not only keeps you engrossed in the book, but it also makes you realize how you would react and feel to those situations that have not yet occurred in your life. It helps you broaden your dimension of likes and dislikes and things that would please you. Many parents worry about continuing to support their child’s reading progress during the school holidays. Holiday time can be a constant juggling act. You want to go out for day trips, or you may be travelling abroad or visiting relatives. I truly encourage you to bring a book on your vacation adventure and travel to a new world, dive into the story and fall in love with the plot and characters. Obviously, when choosing a book it’s highly suggested to buy one with a certain theme or genre you like, as one often feels bored reading about topics not quite appealing for their eyes. Additionally, reading is also a source of benefits for the mind, and books will be your ideal holiday companions.

Relaxing during summer break is important as it allows students to recharge for the following quarter. However, after a stressful year of nonstop work, students who choose not to take the holidays off will find themselves burnt out and less motivated during the regular academic year. Thus, it’s extremely important to study or at least do a productive activity over the vacation period.

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