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How fashion became influenced by TikTok

Whether you have it installed on your phone or not, you have heard of TikTok. The 700 million user platform has become a sensation overnight due to its comedic skits, dances, and fashion trends. It is simply addicting. How did TikTok become such a success in such a short period? During the pandemic, the majority of us were imprisoned in our homes, spending most of our time in sweatpants, resulting in TikTok becoming the ultimate way to entertain ourselves. Rapidly, TikTok started to receive attention from influencers, celebrities, and even fashion brands. Fashion brands started to join the app as a way to communicate with their consumers. World-renowned brands such as Gucci, Balmain, Saint Laurent are just some of the brands that hopped into the app with commercials, challenges, live streaming shows, further interacting with their audience. This type of connection made these brands seem more attainable and reliable to viewers.

With the massive amount of growth of the app, popular creators on the platform have been given huge opportunities to work with famous household brands. We have creators like Dixie D’amelio and Addison Rae being invited to one of the most prestigious events in fashion: the Met Gala. Just like her older sister, Charli D’amelio has been invited to be front row of fashion shows. Other influencers have gotten the opportunity to model and collaborate with brands and modeling agencies. Wisdom Kaye, considered the best-dressed influencer on TikTok by Vogue, got scouted by one of the most popular agencies, IMG. And has been able to collaborate with Dior and Balmain. But, this is not only with Kaye, but agencies also say with the help of TikTok it is easier to scout new faces, and they scout daily for new faces to model.

TikTok has also restored the ability to bring back old trends and periods of fashion, and make them stylish again. A perfect example of this is with Y2K fashion. Y2K fashion was used throughout the time most of us were born, the 2000s. And is based on low-waisted pants, pastel colors, and colorful sweatsuits. In the 2000s, Juicy Couture and Van Dutch were the main brands people used to buy to attain the look. In the early 2010s, these two brands were considered “dead” by the fashion industry and were no longer as popular as they once were. However, after the TikTok trends began, these brands got an opportunity to repair themselves and become successful one more. Now Juicy Couture and Van Dutch are in high demand for products, all thanks to TikTok.

After all, we can see that with the growth of the platform, younger generations have a creative outlet, where they can find inspiration and still be artistic. At this rate, the collaboration between both the fashion industry and the platform has benefited both immensely. TikTok offers its users the space to find outfit inspirations more authentically than other social media platforms like Instagram. And for brands, this is a way to have a greater connection with their viewers and increase their sales.


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