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"Quincho Cozinha" Restaurant Review

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Often, when we think about vegetarian food, stereotypical images pop up into our minds: plain, green, tasteless food that seems more like a sacrifice to eat than an actual joy. For this reason and many more, I was reluctant to go to Quincho Cozinha, a vegetarian, argentinian-owned restaurant at Vila Madalena.

I was actually convinced by my mom to give it a try. Ironically enough “Quincho” is the Spanish word for “Steak Restaurant” so you can imagine one’s surprise to find out that the house is 100% meat free

As I arrived, I was surprised by its stylish look. Although minimalist, the restaurant’s decoration appealed to its very young public, which was already seated and enjoying the food and cocktails.

I was also surprised by the items on the menu - a truffled bruschetta seemed like the perfect way to start.

Truffled Bruschetta

As a truffle lover myself, I was excited to see this on the menu, and pleasantly surprised with the results, the toasted bread came with a layer of some amazing cream cheese, and the magical aftertaste of the truffle.

As my main dish, I ordered the aubergine lasagna, although all options seemed tempting. Among the other dishes were the veggie burger, the P.F (Typical Brazilian dish, only meat-free), roasted pumpkin and Fried Egg Bolovo.

My lasagna was just as amazing as the bruschetta, it came in a very hot pan, with nicely done tomato sauce, cheese and roasted aubergine - just like the real lasagna. The piece of toast was optional but I found that it made the dish much more interesting.

Aubergine Lasagna

I admit that when looking at what my mother had ordered, my eyes flashed. For a second I thought it was a real cheeseburger. The mushroom pattie had been covered in melted cheese and mayonnaise, and sweet potato chips as a side. Unfortunately, I cannot describe the taste through words, but I believe the picture will probably do it justice:

Veggie Burger

Respecting the restaurant’s Argentinian roots, there was no better way to end the meal than with a nice Dulce de Leche pancake.

Dulce de Leche pancake

In the end, this whole experience proved to me that meatless does not necessarily mean ‘flavour-free’. On the contrary, the fact that there was no meat involved only made the chef work so much harder in attempting to bring an “explosion of flavours” without the use of any animal protein. I left ‘Quincho’ very happy and surprised with its quality, and will definitely be coming back.

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