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Easter egg Hunt: The best picks for 2019

The best month of the year for chocolate lovers has come: It is time for us to go on a real hunt for the best chocolate eggs of the season, and dive into the sugary, delicious treats that only Easter has to offer. The list below contains the best picks for this year's celebration. Good luck on choosing just one.

Ovo Nha Benta- Kopenhagen

A classic: There's really no going wrong with the Nha Benta egg by Kopenhagen. Its rich milk chocolate is followed by the sweetness of the marshmallow filling. Who knew these two would work so well together? As if that wasn't enough, a thin layer of wafer cookie makes this egg even more special. A pure delight for sugar lovers.

Ovo pão de mel- Cau R$65,00

Cau chocolates are known for its extremely high-quality cocoa, and it really shows off in every one of their Easter eggs. This one was a personal favorite. The crust is filled with a creamy pão de mel mixture, its flavors are perfectly balanced, and not too sweet. Yet, the explosion of flavors is genuinely remarkable.

Ovo pão de mel- R$65,00

Ovo Bruxinha- Pati Piva. R$115,00

Every single Pati Piva creation has one of those immediate flavor that just make you think: "Wow"- And this bruxinha egg is no exception. Bruxinha stands for the combination of brigadeiro and maizena cookies and is one of the store's specialties. Nutella lovers can also find a Nutella version of this sweet, which is just as amazing.

Ovo Bruxinha de Nutella- R$115,00

Ovo bolo de cenoura- Tarte Maison R$115,00

This creation by Tarte Maison is meant to be eaten with a spoon: It consists of half an egg made of milk chocolate, filled with the very traditional carrot cake with brigadeiro. An authentic Brazilian might argue that it's the best treat ever invented. It gets even better when presented in the impeccable way that the luxury brand has to offer, and might be a thoughtful gift for a loved one during Easter.

Ovo Bolo de Cenoura- R$115,00

Ovo de Colher- Maria Brigadeiro R$83,00

This egg is a really nostalgic one: I used to ask for it every single easter since I was a kid. As I see it, Maria Brigadeiro makes the best brigadeiro ever, hands down. You can very clearly taste the richness and quality of the cocoa used, and this egg is no exception. The milk chocolate crust melts in your mouth and is filled with the classic Belgian chocolate brigadeiro. It is also available in the noir and mixed version. Get ready for one of the best flavors ever.

Mixed Ovo de Colher- R$83,00

Happy Easter!


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