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A SP Guide to Bloquinhos

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

So, it’s finally Carnaval. It’s time to party out in the streets, it’s the season of samba, and it’s the moment all Brazilians have been waiting for. Hopefully, love month didn’t get you all tangled and we can start this new edition talking about all the opportunities to have a little bit more fun at bloquinhos this year. Or if you’re still a bit too young or got a ring on it, this guide can also tell you where to go if you just want a little party, sunshine and a lot of glitter!

To start off the best week of the year, here’s a list of the very best bloquinhos happening as of March.

Guide to Bloquinhos in SP 2019:

Saturday (02/03)

Bloco do Beijo

Av Faria Lima (close to the metro station)


By the end of February and start of March, all Brazilians are already in the mood for Carnival 2019! This year we can not forget to outdo yourself in costumes, to call friends, to paint our faces, to bring all the glitter and lipstick we can find, and to fall in the crowd dancing with joy!! Of course, fulfilling the main rule of the bloquinho: 'You cannot leave if you didn't kiss!'


Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 300


The Ma-que-bloco was founded in 2013 by a group of university students passionate about music and Carnival. Today, apart from the bloquinho, the band performs in several events and concerts. With a wide repertoire, the Ma-que-bloco performs from axé to rock, varying between old and new songs.

Sunday (03/03)

Bloco do Bastardo (2/03-5/03)


Rua João Moura 727

The Bloco do Bastardo also started in 2013. Its name comes from the idea that the streets don't have an owner, a "father". On the four days of partying, the group, formed by ex-members of the traditional Vai Quem Qué, will enliven the crowd to the sound of some “marchinhas.”

Bloco Madalena + Sexta Básica


Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima

Founded by the singer Patricia Secchis, the Bloco Madalena brings the essence of the carnival musicality, inspired mostly by music from Bahia, but without losing the variety of its repertoire. In 2019’s edition, Sexta Básica will join the party.

Monday (04/03)

Bloco Dre Carnaval


Av Berrini starting at R. Surubim

Dre Guazzelli e Gabriel Boni. The Bloco Dre Tarde, led by DJ Guazzelli, takes to the streets of São Paulo the same energy of the party Sábado Dre Tarde.

Bloco Me Lembra Que Eu Vou


Avenida Faria Lima, numbers 45 to 740

The ‘Me Lembra Que Eu Vou’, is an unmissable get together for friends that like the famous street Carnival, the "gingado" and the enthusiasm of life! It’s all about colourful people that live for diversity in ups of society, dancing to the rhythm of samba “bom, bim, bem”! This bloquinho is sure to bring a lot of joy to the streets of São Paulo this Carnival, so why don’t you just join it!

Bloco Pinga Ni Mim


Monumento às Bandeiras (Ibirapuera)

“Ahhh, mas assim não dá. Só samba, samba, samba, axé, samba, samba, pagode.” This one's for the people who love the musical style sertanejo, who can’t stand what is trending and are here for a true street party! The Pinga Ni Mim Bloco began in 2017, and promises once more beautiful people jumping up and down to the sound of all the best hits! From classics like Leandro and Leonardo to the the hits of Maiara & Maraísa, this is the first country-style street bloquinho. That doesn’t they don’t promise that 1% of axé and funk!

Bloco do Bastardo (2/03-5/03)


Rua João Moura 727

The Bloco do Bastardo also started in 2013. Its name comes from the idea that the streets don't have an owner, a "father". On the four days of partying, the group, formed by ex-members of the traditional Vai Quem Qué, will liven the crowd to the sound of some “marchinhas”.

Tuesday (05/03)

Bloco da Pabllo


Av Tiradentes (Metro Armênia)

Ladies! Who’s ready to whip your hair and dance way too much until you can’t move anymore this Carnival in São Paulo? If this sounds like you, then it’s nothing more, nothing less than a “trio elétrico” led by the star Pabllo Vittar. For this bloquinho expect a lot of glitter and pride through the city!

Bloco do Sai, Hétero


R Augusta, 1236 until R Martins Fontes

Think of a bloquinho that promises to be “lacradeiro” and “babadeiro”. This one welcomes heterosexuals and homosexuals alike to a party full of pop divas and a lot of funk! Throw yourself into the dance with your Magic Mike or Lucky Kitten.

Saturday (09/03)



Av Helio Pellegrino

Discover Carnival. It was created by friends for friends to teach Vila Mariana how to celebrate the best time of the year!

Bloco Vou de Táxi Amor de Carnaval


Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 4200, Vila Olímpia

The bloco “Vou de Táxi” comes right at the end of carnival season with a lot of love. The party happens on Saturday and the group aims to bring back old hits from the 90s and 00s, as well as dedicating one entire hour to some sertanejo classics, with some special arrangements and percussion. You’re not going to miss this one, are you?

Sunday (10/03)

Bloco Não Era Amor, Era Cilada


Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 4200 - Itaim Bibi

Organised by the same bloco as the “Vou de Táxi”, the “Não Era Amor, Era Cilada” counts with the Molejo group to lead the vocals! They will be singing their own hits and other seasonal classics to make this party a livid afternoon of samba and fun.

Chega Mais


Vila Madalena

The bloco “Chega Mais” is dedicated to partying and one simple mission: making our skeletons rock to the sound of 80s music! Just come (chega mais)!

We hope to see you partying the week away and enjoying the time off to rest from school stress! Remember to dance until your body hurts, not fall in love, except if it’s with life, and enjoy Carnaval!


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