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A sit down with Student Council Candidates

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The student council elections are upon us. This Friday (6th of September), the St. Francis community will come together to elect whoever they seem fit to represent the students and make the school a better place for all.

The Post believes that all candidates should have a chance to speak up on what they believe and introduce their goals in a more in depth commentary, in order to add to their short speeches that will be given in the Assembly. Hence, The Post interviewed the candidates for leadership positions in the council.

Our team wishes the best of luck to all of the candidates in their speeches and of course, in the polls.

Candidates for President: Giovanni Vercellino (DP1) and Sofia Rey (DP1)

The Post: Why do you want to run for Student Council?

Giovanni: I think that there are many things that the school could improve for the students and I believe that I am the right person to make these changes happen.

Sofia Rey: I want to run for the Student Council because I believe I am able to make change as well as understanding the system. As Mr. Suarez said, as a community we need to help everybody, not only our classmates but also lower and upper years to help each other and to motivate everybody to achieve our goals, I am able to get insights from many different year groups and am sympathetic to people’s ideas and contributions as well as willing to fight for improvement.

TP: What makes you different from other candidates?

Giovanni: My biggest strength is the fact that I am not afraid to fight for things even if I face resistance.The Student Council has often been stifled by negative responses from the people who make the decisions in school and the biggest difference between me and other candidates is the fact that if something is important to me,I absolutely refuse to quit on it even if I am told that it is not possible.In one word the thing that makes me different from other candidates is resilience.

Sofia Rey: I’ve been in St. Francis for 6 years and I’ve been around to see a lot of councils and how they change and what is effective and what is not. I’m also on the volleyball ECA and have been a house captain for many years. I am involved a lot in the community and I want to understand what the students believe can be improved in order to guarantee a better school experience for all St. Francis students. I am aware of what being president requires from me and am fully willing to dedicate myself to such an important role.

TP: If elected, what would be your top priority, and how you would go about realistically addressing it?

Giovanni: Well,I would like to emphasize that the president of the Student Council shouldn't be the one who dictates what the priorities are,that is the responsibility of the whole student body.However there are some things that I would like to specifically change about the school,the dress code being the main one.There are some specific policies in the dress code,the ones regarding beards,long hair for boys,nail polish and skirt length that I believe to be unnecessary.I think that the best way to resolve this is through conversation,reason and negotiation.If I am allowed to present the case to the school I am sure that progress can be made.Some would call this unrealistic but I think that things are only unrealistic when you don't have the willpower to do them.

Sofia Rey: My main objective is to improve relationships in the school, especially between older and younger years. However, addressing this problem is complicated, since I believe everyone has great ideas but actually doing it is the hard part. But, by being in the student council, especially as president, there are many ways in which we can hear the students and help the school become a more enjoyable place for everyone. We could have ECA’s, school events and many other initiatives that will bring our community closer together. Finally, I will prioritize the students voice and make sure that they are listened to.

TP: If elected, you would be succeeding Sofia Neves as Student Council president. Are there specific initiatives from her term that you would continue, and are there specific things that you would change?

Giovanni: Sofia Neves did a great job as Student Council particularly in organizing the wonderful International Fair last year and completely renovating the DP Room.I don't think that there are things that I would change but I believe that we can fly even higher as a school and that the school would only improve with me as president.

Sofia: Although I enjoyed Sofia’s presidency, I would like to implement some changes that would benefit the student council. I will be more present in students school life and make sure that they feel comfortable giving me feedback so that we can work together towards a mutual goal.

Candidate for Secretary: Maria Laura Garcia (MYP5)

The Post: Why do you want to run for Student Council?

Maria Laura: It has always been a dream of mine to be part of the student council, being able to make the what the students desire actually come true. I believe that this is my chance to help the school community to become a better environment than it already is for everyone. There are many improvements to be made and I can be a helpful hand throughout the journey.

TP: What makes you different from other candidates?

Maria Laura: For starters, I have been part of the St. Francis community for a very long time, entering when I was only 6 years old. Something that sets me apart from other candidates, is that I am part of many activities provided by the school, such as the volleyball and futsal teams, orchestra, the secondary play (as part of the band) and MUN. Meaning that I know how the school could improve from many different areas. In addition, I have paid attention to what the students have had to say throughout the years on how to improve the school, and I am prepared to make those wishes come true.

TP: If elected, what would be your top priority, and how you would go about realistically addressing it?

Maria Laura: If I am selected to be part of the student council, I will prioritize the students voice and what they want for the future of this school. I find it very important in a representative that they not only know how to lead, but also listen to what the community wants and needs and transmit their ideas into reality.

Candidates for Vice-president- Giacomo Santos (MYP5) and Rafael Batman (MYP5)

The Post: Why do you want to run for Student Council?

Giacomo Santos: I wish to run for council because, after spending a year abroad I realized st. Francis needs change, I will be that change and I believe this is an opportunity.

Rafael Batman: As an active member of the St.Francis community, I have always strived to have a positive impact, by doing the best I can and being involved in various activities. Differently from what I have done in the previous years, the student council is the next step for me, a new opportunity to make change. Not only that, but by being a part of this community for such a long time (about 13 years), I have seen this isn’t a perfect place, it still needs improvement and in order to do so, I want to be your voice and represent all of you.

TP: What makes you different from other candidates?

Giacomo Santos: Since I studied abroad, I have come back with a new perspective. I acknowledge myself as a very good communicator and a person who is very open minded. Also I have had past experience with the council, so I know how things work.

Rafael Batman: I believe experience is the main attribute, which differentiates me from the rest. As I mentioned before, I have 13 years of experience of being an active member of the community, I know how the school works and have seen the school on it’s ups and downs. Apart from being proactive and always going for what I look for and insisting until I have it done, I am also a very good communicator and listener, always having an open mind for new ideas that might come.

TP: If elected, what would be your top priority, and how you would go about realistically addressing it?

Giacomo Santos: If I am elected I will do my best to have my best to keep my top priorities realistic and achievable and pass them to the president in way clear and understandable way. Also I believe it is very important to keep good relationships with the other council members and bring unity to the ideas that other people have.

Rafael Batman: If elected, my main priority is to represent all of secondary, be the voice of each one of the students and make sure their voices are heard. I believe there are many ways to address this and it is not an easy task, since not all of us have ideas that aren't the same. A possibility for doing this is maybe having some time dedicated of the tutorial where students, give some ideas and their tutors share with the class representatives, that later on share with the council.

Candidates for treasurer: Lucas Camargo (MYP5) and Pablo Lewis (DP1)

The Post: Why do you want to run for Student Council?

Lucas Camargo: As a former Student Council member, I have seen what we can achieve as a community, and I want to help us get there. I want to turn the students’ voices into real change, seen as I believe there are many improvements to be made, and a long way for us to grow as a community and as a school.

Pablo Lewis: I have been a long time in the school community, and always dealt with a variety of financial problems, and apply it daily, but never in the school community, and by having a role that fits with what i enjoy i thought it might be a good attempt. Also that I have my own business and it gives me a good extended and applied knowledge about the role.

TP: What makes you different from other candidates?

Lucas Camargo: Throughout the 14 years of my life which I have been in St Francis, I have gone through lots of chapters of its history, both good and bad. With such experience, I believe I have come to understand much of what we need to strive as a community. Not only that, but I have already assumed leadership positions in different activities within our school, including captaining the U16 futsal team and being a part of the student council last year, which I believe makes me the perfect candidate to lead student’s voices and inspire change.

Pablo Lewis: I have been in the St.Francis community since I was 6, 10 years ago. I have dealt with and have a good idea of what the treasurer role is, by dealing with a variety of financial included things which means my knowledge on this type of problems is more than basic. I believe that by dedicating time to it, I will positively affect the community. I have my own business totally administered by me, which gives me a better idea of how it is to manage money and organisation strategies, and a variety of strategies to succeed and have a better outcome.

TP: If elected, what would be your top priority, and how you would go about realistically addressing it?

Lucas Camargo: If elected, my main priority will be to make students’ feel their voices are heard. While only a select number of students are actually elected, the Student Council does not exist without the rest of our school community, each and every student is important, therefore they will always be my main priority.

Pablo Lewis: My main goal would be to analyze and carefully take care of the financial part, while also giving my best to help wherever I can. I believe that to be part of the team i have to implement knowledge not only on my part. The main focus will be to organize the financial part and leave it as clear as possible making students and higher


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