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5 Game recommendations that are over 15 years old

5. Half-Life

Starting off the recommendations we have Valve's Half-Life. Not only is it one of the most important and influential shooters ever made, it was able to innovate in a way no other FPS could, it implemented a story into a genre that never had one before. And this wasn’t a story like other shooters at the time, this one was engaging, exciting and most of all, interesting. The G-Man remains one of my favorite characters in any video game despite only showing up for around 5 minutes in each game.

Of course, the story wasn’t all there was to the game. The Black Mesa facility is an amazing setting, the aliens you fight are original and force you to play in new and inventive ways, and the freedom you have, playing a silent protagonist, is incredible and can even create a narrative on its own. Half-Life is an amazing, innovative and infinitely replayable gem of a game, everyone should play this.

4. Jet Set Radio

The sense of style this game has is immaculate. Everything in this game exists to serve that style. The music, art style, character designs, dialogue and, most importantly, the main gameplay loop are entirely energetic and memorable. There is no game truly like Jet Set Radio, which combines skating and graffiti painting elements. The levels you finesse your way through are all entirely different from each other, keeping the game feeling fresh and original, while still serving that particular style the game is going for.

Of course, this game won’t be for everyone. It is a very arcade-like experience, meaning that players looking for a deep story and complex game mechanics won’t really be satisfied here. That by no means makes this a bad game. Jet Set Radio sets out to create an experience like no other and completely succeeds. If you are in the mood for something original and fun, I highly recommend this.

3. Psychonauts

This game is completely insane. Psychonauts is a 3D platformer where the levels are made up of other characters' subconscious. You enter the minds of supporting characters, some of which suffer from mental illnesses, and you are able to explore how they view the world firsthand. The game is able to teach us about how we can help people living with mental illnesses through the gameplay itself. The levels are all wonderfully inventive and entirely unique in comparison to any other 3D platforms I have ever played. It also doesn’t hurt that this game's story is strong. While the actual ‘plot’ of the game is nothing special, the characters are what make this story so compelling. Getting to learn of their fears, secrets, traumas along with their happiest memories and brightest moments through the level design and story is what makes this game so special, complete ludonarrative harmony.

2. Super Mario Sunshine

To anyone who has played the 3D Mario games or knows anything about them this might seem like a weird choice, why not pick Super Mario 64, the first 3D Mario, in its purest form, or Super Mario Galaxy, the best one (yes it is). But I picked Sunshine, the most controversial game in the series, simply because of that. Most people will probably gloss over this game, but they really shouldn't. Super Mario Sunshine may have some flaws and, sure, some levels are completely broken but if you can look past that, there is an amazing game.

The tropical resort theme, which stays consistent throughout every level of the game allows for incredible music and views. F.L.U.D.D., your companion for this game, makes platforming so much more fun due to the new range of possibilities. If you weren’t planning on playing this, please give it a shot.

1. Metal Gear Solid

This is one of my favorite games ever made. Not that the others on this list aren’t, but this one is especially important to me. Everything relating to the story is spectacular, the voice acting, cinematics, cinematography, dialogue and especially the characters. Solid Snake is an expertly crafted protagonist, the side characters are lovable and the villains are interesting. The actual gameplay is also incredibly impressive and was years ahead of its time.

This was genre defining to stealth games, and its influences are still being felt today. Sneaking around Shadow Moses island, fighting different bosses, backtracking to earlier areas with new skills and knowledge, it is all amazing. The one complaint I have with this game would be its final boss, which I will not spoil, but other than this, the game might as well be flawless, at least to me.


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