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Why Real Madrid Will Win The Champions League Again

One of the most renowned and successful football teams in history is Real Madrid. The club was established on March 6, 1902, and has since grown to be among the most well-known and prosperous organizations in the world. Real Madrid has a history of being known for its attacking style of play.In the past years Real Madrid has been associated with the term "galacticos," which refers to the club's practice of acquiring some of the best players in the world.

In addition to multiple domestic league victories, domestic cup tournaments, and international cups, Real Madrid has won 14 UEFA Champions League (UCL) championships making them the team with most UCL titles in the world, while the runner-up is Milan with 7 titles, making Madrid “King of the Champions League”. At the current moment Real Madrid are the current Champions of the UEFA Champions League as they beat Liverpool in the final 1-0 in the 21-22 edition of the UCL. This season (22-23) Real Madrid have made their way to the semifinals and are trying to defend their title, but even though competition is strong I am going to show you how Real Madrid will manage to defend their title and win their 15th UCL.

Real Madrid’s Focus in the Champions League

During the 22-23 season Barcelona have strived under the command of Xavi, as the Barcelona squad has managed to keep constant results and not let their rivals Real Madrid get close and have chances to win the La Liga title. Barcelona currently have an 11 point lead in Real Madrid with 8 games to go, so with low chances, “Los Merengues” will probably focus more in other competitions like the Copa del Rey and the Champions League, since they have already managed to get to the final of the Copa del Rey after a shocking 4-0 win over Barcelona with a phenomenal game from the devastating duo: Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior. Now, Real Madrid’s focus will turn towards the semifinal of the UCL against Manchester City.

Opposition Teams Troubles

In the Quarter-Finals of the Champions League, Milan, Inter (Internazionale de Milan), Manchester City and Real Madrid managed to go through to the semifinals. With these teams qualifying for the Semifinal the matchups were determined: Real Madrid X Man.City and Inter X Milan.

Manchester City’s problems when facing Real Madrid

Even though Real Madrid got the most difficult team out of these three in the semifinal, there are factors which give the advantage to Real Madrid even though Manchester City is a very well structured team. Manchester City have made a phenomenal season so far being able to win almost all the titles they could have this year. However, being in so many competitions might actually be favourable for their rivals Real Madrid since Manchester City will have to play more games than Real Madrid until their first encounter on 9th of May. Another problem Manchester City is going to face is the tiring league race against Arsenal in the Premier League, this race has been going for a long while now and City have tried to keep up with the amazing almost perfect campaign of Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal, in the last 8 games City has been 3 to 5 points away from Arsenal because of there amazing performances, but these performances can come to a cost. It is a fact that “City” have managed to stay alive in many competitions but due to this they won’t have as much focus in the Champions League as Real Madrid would.

Milan and Inter’s Issues if they face Real Madrid

Milan and Inter are both teams from Italy who have already won the Champions League, but in recent years haven’t been able to keep up with the new modern way of playing, causing them to lose their form and not be able to get to the final stages of the Champions League in the last decade. But recently these two teams have strived in the Italian League, Milan being the defending champions and Inter being the champions in the 21-22 edition making them teams that could fight in a future Champions League.

Milan is a very good team which has been able to find key pieces which have helped the team to be more organized and secure in the defense. Not only the defense, but the attack is another part that has flourished in this new era. The attack features key players like Giroud and Rafael Leão, but even though their squad is consolidated, Real Madrid is a way stronger team, as the attack duo between the Ballon D’Or winner, Karim Benzema and the brazilian Vinicius Junior have managed to shatter defenses from all over the world due to the brazilian flair of Vinicius and the clinical finishes of Karim. Milan would be outclassed by Real because of how good the Merengue side is.

Inter is a very good team too, Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez, and Nicolo Barella are a few of their excellent players who can make a difference in crucial matches. Even though Inter has these excellent players the Real Madrid’s side would shatter there defense with the pace of Vinicius and Rodrygo in the wings and due to the tactics of Inter they would have to adjust their formation because Inter plays a 3-5-2, a formation that reinforces the midfield, but weakens the wings and if Inter play this formation against Real the brazilian duo will be terrorizing in the wings and without much time to adapt to a new formation Simone Inzaghi, manager of Inter, will have difficulties to create a well structured team under a new formation.

Real Madrid’s Players Fantastic Season So Far

Vinicius Junior

Vinicius Junior has become a deadly offensive threat for Real Madrid thanks to his speed, dribbling skills, and finishing ability. He and his teammates had a solid working relationship, and he was an important member of the team in the early going of the season. Overall, Vinicius Junior has demonstrated tremendous promise and will aim to keep up his strong play throughout the season. He is playing a significant role for Real Madrid this season scoring 21 goals in 47 games and providing 18 assists in 47 games, his dedication and will to win also are a part of Vinicius personality that motivate the team to keep going.


Benzema is one the top strikers in the world and at the moment the best player in the world. This is all due to his fantastic skill, vision and finishing ability. He and his teammates have an amazing connection, and he has been an important player for Real Madrid in the early going. Even though Benzema suffered from an injury before playing the World Cup which affected his way of playing, Benzema has picked himself up and has managed to contribute a lot towards Real’s season scoring 26 goals in 36 games this season.


Modric is an important player for Real Madrid because of his vision, passing prowess, and work ethic. He and his teammates get along very well with him being a veteran in the club he knows how to interact with new and old teammates, proving that he is a leader on the field. Overall, Modric has proven his talent, and he plans to keep playing for the rest of the season. He is a key member of Real Madrid and will be a special piece of Ancelloti to win this year’s Champions League.

Real Madrid has high possibilities of winning this UCL because of their primary focus on this championship and how there key players are playing amazing this season, but since Football is unpredictable we won’t know for sure until it happens, so even if the odds are in favour for Real Madrid, football is a sport that can be decided by luck or how willing you are to win the game.


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