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Veni, Vedi, Vici: Everything Barcelona Femení has conquered this season

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The team that you are seeing right above this line is going to be remembered forever as probably what was one of the greatest female teams to ever grace sports. If you still don't know what and who I am talking about, let me introduce you to Barcelona Femení: the team that has shattered records, won titles, and overall showed the world that women's football is still a force to be reckoned with.

Most seasons in football go more or less the same, with a winning team winning most matches, with some draws, and a few losses here and there. There are some cases where teams don't even lose, like the Arsenal “Invincibles”, who had only draws and wins for the whole season. However, it was never thought that a team would be able to win all the games in a season of a domestic league. This is exactly what the Blaugranas did. They finished the league with 30 games, 30 wins, 90 points, and a +148 goal difference. Throughout the entirety of the season, they conceded only 11 goals, and scored a colossal 159 goals against their opponents. Out of these 30 games that were won, the biggest wins were 7-0 against Eibar, Granadilla Tenerife, and Madrid CFF, 8-0 against Valencia and Villareal, 9-1 facing Alavés and Real Sociedad (who were the runner ups of the Primera División) and the biggest triumph: a whopping 10-1 game against Sevilla. At moments it seemed like they were playing against a completely different level of teams, which were much more inferior to them.

The Primera División wasn't the only thing that the team won this season. After smashing eternal rivals Real Madrid 4-0 in the Copa de la Reina semi-finals, Barça went on to win the final against Sporting de Huelva, once again with an astonishing favouring scoreline of 6-1. They also managed to win the Supercopa de España Femenina which is a four team tournament consisting of the previous winners and runner-ups of the Copa de la Reina, as well as the two remaining teams who ranked highest in the league. Barcelona Femení won this final by an even higher margin than the Copa de la Reina one. They played Atlético de Madrid in the final, and won 7-0, with barely any competition from Atlético.

Although the main takeaways from the team's season were all the titles, goals, and massive wins, this wasn't all they accomplished. The team broke records for women's football, which will definitely be remembered for years to come. The most important one of these was a record which consisted of having the biggest audience for a women's football match. The total audience came up to 91,648 people, which was the largest exact audience recorded in the history of the sport. The very special occasion was against Wolfsburg, for the semi-final of the Champions League. They ended up winning that match as well, and carved their name in stone for all history.

Despite being bathed in all of their glory, all things come to an end, and for Barça, the Champions League final against Lyon was the David to their Goliath. After a stunning run in the UCL, losing only one match over the course of the whole competition, everyone thought and knew that the Blaugranas were the favourites for the title, even against a powerful Lyon, which had won the UCL five years in a row. A shocking Barcelona was presented by a 3-1 loss, solidifying that game as the first major loss of the season, and the missed opportunity of the quadruple.

It is safe to say that this side will always be remembered, and it is going to be interesting how they do this season after a new start, with new players incoming from transfers, and a new mentality in order to achieve the final goal which is winning the Champions League which they unfortunately couldn't achieve this year. Barcelona may be the energy that women's football needs to bring into the spotlight, but until then, fans must wait patiently to see what this team can achieve.


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