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The upcoming movies and series of the next months

By: Ana Helena Barboza

2023 has been quite a year when it comes to the release of movies and series. This may be observed as several renowned and expected movies came out this year and were also announced to the public. Movies shape us as people, they teach moral lessons and help us to grow in a variety of ways. This year was quite a roller coaster of emotions when it came to cinema and shows.

A short recap of the most awaited movies can be seen down below:

This year already started with a few movies that came out in January, M3GAN for example was one of the most awaited horror movies of the year, alongside with that, A man Called Otto featuring Tom Hanks also came out in the same month. In February, interesting titles were also released to the public. Movies such as: What about love, Winnie the Pooh: blood and water and Ant Man and the wasp: Quantumania.

March had an amazing schedule of release dates, starting off with Creed III released on March 3rd, “65” released on March 10th, Shazam the fear of the gods March 17, John Wick Chapter 4 March 23 and finally Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves which was released on the 31st.

April introduced a variety of cinematic genres, everything from video games to horror movies were released! The month began with both the release of The Super Mario bros the movie and Air on the 5th Paint was released on April 7th, The Pope’s Exorcist was also one of the most awaited horror movies of the whole year, alongside with Evil Dead Rise, both released in the same month and finally, Beau is Afraid casting Joaquim Phoenix as the protagonist, was released on April 21st.

May 2023 followed a great variety of movies, the month began with the third and final movie of the Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring a closure to the guardians on May the 5th, the remake of the romantic comedy “Love Again” was also released during the same month, The sci-fi fiction Hypnotic was released on May the 12th alongside with Book club: the next chapter featuring Andy García came to theatres on the same day, Fast X the tenth instalment of Fast and Furious was featured on the 19th and a couple of days later, the memorable remake of the Little Mermaid featuring Halle Bailey was released by Disney on the 26th.

June was full of action featuring fearsome and awaited for titles, the month started off strong by releasing the sequel of Spider Man across the Spider Verse, following the story of Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man who messes up the multiverse, the movie was long awaited and finally seen on the 2nd of June. Continuing with action, Transformers: Rise of the beasts was released to the public on the 9th, followed up by Extraction 2 and the Flash on the 16th; lastly, the month ended with Indiana Jones 5 featuring Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller - Bridge.

The pinkest month of the year, July, brought to the public outstanding titles, although Barbie and Oppenheimer are perhaps the most memorable ones! Insidious: the red door, was an addition to the previous movies of the franchise, outed to the public on July 7th, after that movie came Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part one, July 12th, starring Tom Cruise who follows the story of the IMF team who needs to find a dangerous weapon before it is placed on the wrong hands. Although not the most popular movie of this list, theatre camp was also announced and released in july (14th), Oppenheimer, displaying Cillian Murphy tells the story of Oppenheimer, revolving around true facts and stories (21st), Lastly but certainly not least, Barbie, starring Margt Robbie tells the story of the doll in a way that has never been seen before, demonstrating different ideologies of life and criticizing standards, the movie was a huge competition with Oppenheimer as they were both released in the same day.

August was not as memorable to cinema and productions, although it had a few memorable moments and productions, it started off with Teenage Mutant Turtles: mutant mayhem (august 2nd), Meg 2: the trench (August 4th), Shortcomings (April 4th), The Last voyage of Demeter (based on Dracula) August 11th, Gran Turismo released on the same date and finally, The Blue Beetle released on August 18th.

Currently, in September, we have had the release of the Equaliser 3 (1st), The Nun ii, completing “The Conjuring” (the 8th), My Big Fat Greek wedding (also on the 8th), The Inventor (15th), A Haunting in Venice (15th. The rest of the movies are coming on September 29th which are Saw X and the Creator.

October is going to be quite exciting for horror movie fans! The releases include:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s (on the 27th)

  • Unstuffed a build a bear story (on the 3rd)

  • Mary had a little lamb (on the 3rd)

  • The Exorcist Believer (on the 6th)

  • Sight (on the 27th)

  • Inspector sun and the curse of the black widow (27th)

November is filled with variety!

  • The Hunger Games: the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (the 17th)

  • Wingwoman (1st)

  • The Marvels (10th)

  • Thanksgiving (17th)

  • Trolls band together (17th)

  • Wish (22nd)

December is also filled with variety!

  • Wonka (15th)

  • Saltburn (1st)

  • Chicken Run: Dawn of nugget (15th)

  • Aquaman and the lost kingdom (20th)

These were the most popular and renowned movies of this year and the ones that are soon going to be released.



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