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The Town September 2023- What Great Artists Have In Store For Us This Year!

With more than 20 shows that have been performed and await us in Brazil this year, including one of the most famous performances maybe ever done here from "Coldplay", The Town brings us worldwide famous artists to perform in São Paulo! They will be bringing us a lineup of: Post Malone on the 2nd of September, Bruno Mars, the main star of the show, on the 3rd and 10th of September, Maroon 5 on the 7th of September, and Foo Fighters on the 9th (if you ask me, Bruno Mars for the win!).

The Town's "Town Card", which opened up for sale on the 14th of March, allowed for a single payment as a ticket to any of the artists on any day, yet it has already sold out. Never mind that though because individual show tickets will once again be sold on April 18th and 7pm BRT. If you missed it like I did, better rush it this time! Keep in mind that those are tickets, not Town Cards; they pay individually for specifically picked out shows like a normal concert ticket instead of letting a pass pay for any of the shows.

Other than an amazing show in the Autódromo de Interlagos, there are 6 performance stages, a thrilling roller coaster, ferris wheel or even ziplines, watch towers and many other entertainment spots all over the place. The place's gates open up at 2pm and close at 2am, so you can stay over and enjoy your time anywhere along the attractions and restaurant with an amazing view of the Skyline stadium (1) where your favourite artist will perform (and yes, all of the artists in the lineup will perform there this year). To keep updated on The Town's news for this year, keep in touch with The Town's official radio station 89FM. Remember to order tickets as soon as they're out, grab a friend to keep you company and enjoy the show!


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