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The first weeks of the NFL, what has happened

From teams that still have not lost to teams that are yet to win, the first five weeks of the NFL have brought many emotions.

The NFL has just entered another season. So far some surprises have come about. With teams that were considered average last season going 5-0 and players that were supposed to save franchises going 0-5 with their team. Some injuries have also come along to devastate the next few weeks for one team that just lost their star quarterback.

Firstly, the unfortunate. The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Detroit Lions are yet to win a game. In the case of the Lions, though this development is unfortunate, last season they also did not perform greatly and were last in their sub conference (NFC North). But the jaguars are a surprise to most. This is because they were able to get the first round pick in the draft and drafted Trevor Lawrence, an amazing prospect. Lawrence had a record of 86-4 during high school and college football and was predicted to be one of the greats of the next generation. But being drafted by the Jaguars made his life a little more difficult since the franchise has not seen proper results in years. Nonetheless this was expected to be the final piece of the puzzle, but as we now know it was not. Alongside this tragic start, the effect this must have on Lawrence is substantial since in his first five games in the NFL he has lost more than in college and high school (around 8 years of play).

Onto more unfortunate news. The Seattle Seahawks have lost their star quarterback Russell Wilson to a finger injury. He had surgery on his middle finger of his throwing hand and is expected to not be able to play for the next 6 weeks. This means that the Seahawks will be playing with Geno Smith for the time being. Though he is a solid player, his caliber is nowhere near Wilson’s and the team is eager for his return.

Now finally some good news, one team is still undefeated. The Arizona Cardinals, who last season went 8-8 are now showing some promise and grit. Interestingly enough one team that is also doing great are the Dallas Cowboys, who last season were 6-10 and are now currently 4-1 with the one loss coming from the cardinals. This may point to the fact that these two teams may go far this season and possibly even have strong playoff runs in the future.


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