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If you’re anything like me or the average student, you may find yourself getting distracted while doing work and going on your phone; procrastinating for hours on end. If not, you might be the type of person who opens lots of tabs and doesn’t close any, leaving your information and workspace unorganized. Worry not, in this article, I will recommend a variety of tools and apps that can help you get back on track with your schoolwork and studying process (they’ve definitely helped me as i’m writing this very article).

Concentration Oriented:

This first section will address extensions and applications that will help keep you concentrated and limit the amount of distractions in your working space!

Virtual Cottage:

This first application is available on your computer through Steam. It is free to download and accessible through Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS. This is a minimalistic application that allows you to enter a study environment. It starts out by asking what it is you want to focus on as well as how long the session will be which can be viewed in the top left. It provides a multitude of options to choose from and customize. This includes inserting tasks on your to do list which is shown on the bottom left. It also includes the music that is played being an arrangement of lofi songs and their titles shown. It gives you the option to skip, pause, and increase its volume. On the right hand side, a bar is shown with rain and other noises that you can turn up or down as white noise. There is a lot available to mess around with to your liking! To those familiar with Steam, it also has achievements you can reach the more you use it. This application has all you could possibly need in one place to stay organized and efficient!


This app follows somewhat of the same idea as Virtual College. It is a paid mobile app (for $1.99) that is available on iOS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome Web Store, and Firefox Add-ons. The premise is simple and is explained in the picture below.

You can set a specific time you want to work for and the app will be left open on your phone, unable to reach any other ones. This can be extremely helpful if you are one to get distracted easily with notifications and if you keep your phone close to your working space.

Organization Oriented:

This next section will help you out in regards to organising your schedule, your notes, and your tabs.


This is by far the most useful extension I have come across throughout my school years that I use on a daily basis without exception. To put it briefly:“Weava is a Chrome extension that synthesizes bookmarking, highlighting, annotating, and citation in one tool.”

Weava can be used on any website or PDF document and as shown below, has quite a few tools to use. There are colours you can choose to highlight with as well as the option for you to take your own notes on the section you selected. Super easy to use when your teacher asks you to read a website and discuss it after (as you can locate all your key points of information and notes with facility on the site itself).


I'm sure many of you have heard of this next one, but for those of you who haven’t, Notion is a website that provides tools like notes, databases, calendars, reminders, boards, etc. If you were to use any site, this is the one I would recommend! It does have a lot of features so it may take a while for you to get the hang of it. I would recommend checking out the site and playing around with it to see what it can offer as it is very customizable.

Google “Group” Tab Feature

Have you ever had a billion tabs open, leaving you unable to find which websites you wanted to use? This’ll help directly to combat that and organise your windows! This feature was recently introduced to me by one of my friends and it can truly help you out. It is part of google chrome and all you have to do is right click on a tab when it will give you an option to create or add to a group. As shown in the image, you can have a multitude of tabs in each group and closing them will allow for a more organized space.

Everyone has their different methods to work efficiently in regards to being more productive although, rest assured these apps and extensions will facilitate your organization and focus whenever you’re studying.


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