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Mother's Day Gift Guide

So Mother’s Day is this weekend and that doesn’t mean we should only be celebrating the impressive women in our lives on this day as they wake up every morning with their superwoman capes ready to take on the world. So take this special Sunday to gift her with something really special she can look at when she feels like you’re a disappointment and have hope that not all is lost. Or maybe you just want to win some extra points or are a genuinely good person (debatable) who enjoys gift-giving.


1) ANYTHING, and I mean anything, personalised. Make your mom’s gift extra special by giving her something that has her name engraved on it. No matter the gift, anything with our name on it becomes automatically more special and heartfelt.

ADÔ ATELIER in Pinheiros has some amazing leather goods which can be engraved at a minimal cost.

2) Chocolate! Or something edible, sweet and that she will definitely love. Most of São Paulo’s bakeries are creating impressive Mother’s Day concoctions that can melt any throbbing heart. Be it from cute boxes of sweets with personal images of you and your mother, to special baskets filled with goodies. There are so many options to look for out there. For example, Pati Piva has partnered with Scarf Me to create the most adorable boxes of chocolate.

Pati Piva has several stores around the city but it’s most known for its quaint café on the top floor of Shopping Iguatemi.

3) For the sporty mom who loves heading to the gym, why not gift her with a practical set of leggings with pockets so they can keep their phone on them while they train. Track & Field has just launched their new winter collection with the most beautiful colour palette, but their classic leggings are still best-sellers!

4) This one doesn’t just have to be for the zen mom, but everyone is always a little overwhelmed and stressed; so why not give your mom a spa treatment. This one is sure to make her feel the most relaxed and sometimes gifts don’t have to be a physical object, simply a thoughtful experience is worth more than anything.

Aigai Spa in Alto de Pinheiros is a beautiful and tranquil oasis with some of the best package deals available for spa treatments. The space is also largely open-aired with a swimming pool and external seating if your mom just wants to take a few moments for herself before/after her massage.

5) Diamonds are a girl’s best friend is one of those quotes we are all sick of hearing, it still doesn’t mean that jewelry isn’t a special gift that will be cherished for a long time. Try finding what style pleases your mother, be it necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings; find out the type of stones she likes and find something special for her.

Pandora has some amazing jewelry pieces and this bracelet has details in zirconia and an adjustable strap.

6) As long as you know your mom’s shoe size or you can secretly sneak into her closet to figure it out, some comfortable shoes are always appreciated. Maybe your mom would rather have a pair of sneakers (if so I recommend checking out Fiever) or she would rather remain forever stylish with the best flats out there, Vinci Shoes has something for everyone from their studded oxfords to ankle boots and flats, everything is stunning and comfortable. Their physical store is located on R. Dr Virgílio Carvalho Pinto, but they also have great over-night delivery if you’re in a rush.

7) Another great gift idea is the classic and ultimate crush for any women: Osklen pirarucu skin handbags. These pieces are all made from the scales of pirarucu fish and can be tinted in different colours. The result is a stunning handbag that looks eternally stylish even from a mile away.

8) Finally, if your mom enjoys lounging at home and being cosy, there’s nothing better than a pair of silk pyjamas that can be simultaneously stylish and comfortable. Trousseau has some of the best quality pyjamas out there and this cotton set is amongst their top-sellers.


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