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Manchester City's Colossal Scandal has declared War on the Premier League

The Premier League's allegations against Man City include a lack of transparency regarding the club's financial circumstances, remuneration of coaches and players, and a lack of cooperation in the investigation.

Founded in 1880, Manchester City, commonly known as Man City, is an English professional football club based in Manchester, England. Man City currently plays in the Premier League, the top tier of English Football, and is one of the most successful clubs in England, having won the Premier League titles four times, The FA cup five times, the League Cup four times, and the UEFA Cup winner's once. The club has also finished as runners-up in the Premier League on six occasions and has also won the FA Community Shield five times.

Man City Financial Crisis

The Man City financial crisis began in 2008 when the club's then-owner, Thaksin Shinawatra, was accused of financial misconduct and corruption in his home country of Thailand. This led to a series of investigations that uncovered several financial irregularities, including the improper use of the club's funds and the violation of UEFA's Financial Fair Play regulations 100 times.

The investigations resulted in the club being fined £49 million and having its UEFA Champions League participation suspended for two seasons. Following the financial crisis, Man City was taken over by the Abu Dhabi United Group in 2008, which has since invested heavily in the club and helped it become one of the most successful teams in Europe.

What have been the allegations against Man City?

Manchester City was accused of violating the Premier League rules in the following areas: failing to provide "a real and just view of the financial situation of the club," neglecting to "include complete details" regarding player and coach pay, struggling to adhere to the Uefa licensing rules, failing to follow the regulations relating to financial fair play, and refusing to cooperate with the league's investigation.

"Outlook's" Website claims that Manchester City has vehemently denied these allegations and is appealing the Premier League's two-year ban from European Football that the Premier League has imposed on them. The club is also taking legal action against UEFA, claiming that the organization is acting beyond its powers. The outcome of the appeal and legal proceedings is yet to be determined.

What are the possible consequences?

This case involving Manchester City, considered one of the biggest scandals in English football history, has no deadline for resolution. According to the source "Globo Esporte", the Premier League has not provided any information. The PL's (Premier League) independent judicial committee will appoint the commission, which Murray Rosen KC will lead. Murray is a former chairman of Manchester City Football Club. From 1998 to 2003, he was the club's chairman & nowadays he led the Manchester city investigation scandal. The final decision, in this case, will be publicly disclosed on the English Football League's website.

The punitive measures vary depending on the violation. They can range from a disciplinary action or fine to a recommendation for Premier League expulsion. These punishments can be applied to specific actions within a specific time frame. Manchester City might be required to appear in court.

As mentioned before, in February 2020, the English club was banned by UEFA for two years and was fined 30 Million Euros for allegedly violating the European Union's Financial Fair Play rules. Five months later, the ban was overturned by the court of Arbitration for sport (CAS), and the fine was reduced to 10 Million Euros. All of these allegations led to Man City being named as a target in the Premier League investigation.

Additionally, it is uncertain what punishments Man City may face as a result of the financial scandal. The investigation is still ongoing, and any potential infractions will not be determined once the investigation is completed. Man City will most likely be punished with point deductions, transfer bans, and even possible expulsion from European & Premier League competitions if the investigation reveals any serious rule violations. Ultimately, we will know the full extent of any potential sanctions once the investigation is complete.


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