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How to Be Fit While in School

What We Can and Can’t Control:

It’s always important to maintain a healthy diet, whether it is to keep our body weight stable, get more into shape, or live a healthy lifestyle. This may seem like a challenge especially in school, as we don’t control what is in the lunch menu. However, we are in control of what we consume when making choices. So what can we do?

The Three Metabolic Types:

I tried dieting in school for 2 to 3 weeks to try to lose some weight without the help of a nutritionist. I simply assumed I should cut off carbs completely and only eat salad and occasionally meat, with fruit for desert. To my surprise, instead of losing weight, I was gaining weight. Since each person has a metabolic type that works for them, they must apply different diets and consume different types of nutrients to achieve the desired goal. There are three main metabolic types: the protein type, the carbohydrate type, and the mixed type. Once you find out your metabolic type (either by researching online tests or going to a nutritionist), you can understand what your body needs in order to achieve what you want.

Diets that Are Never a Bad Idea:

It is not healthy to cut out energy from our diets, especially as most of us are still growing, so our bodies need to consume the proper amount of nutrients to maintain a healthy body growth. On the other hand, we can always avoid the sugary desserts involving puddings, cakes, chocolates, etc. offered occasionally at the cafeteria. If not, consuming them in moderation is very important. Fruits are always a good idea to replace sweets with, and salad as a starter will never be a bad idea. If you are not particularly a fan of salad or think they are ‘tasteless’, try finding the appropriate dressings to put on it and notice how the taste changes completely.

There isn’t a perfect diet that fits all body types, as all bodies are different and are accustomed to distinct nutrients in varying amounts. Once you do understand what intake your body needs and what can be set aside, focus on your diet and forget calorie count!


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