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From selling luxury items to buying them, Georgina Rodríguez’s quick rise to fame

From working at retail, Georgina Rodriguez lives a lavish lifestyle some can only dream of. She quickly gained recognition and became a millionaire overnight. Former Gucci shop assistant stepped into the spotlight after speculation grew around her high-profile relationship with a renowned soccer player. The couple drew attention to themselves, and she utilised her newfound fame to grow her platform and evolve her career. She is now on the path to success, leaving her troubled life with her drug-convicting father behind her. Georgina has become an internet sensation and is now recognized as a thriving Spanish model and businesswoman. Given her status, she now lives a prosperous lifestyle, with a million-dollar empire at the tip of her fingers.

The 28-year-old was born in Buenos Aires and grew up in Jaca, a small city in Spain. She was an average girl living a simple life. As a child, she longed to be a ballet dancer, but because her parents could not afford to send her to dance school, she started setting her eyes on bigger things. During her teenage years, she worked as a waitress back in her hometown, earning money so that one day she could leave her small city and enter the world of retail luxury fashion.

Years forward, she moved to London to continue her English studies and became an au pair for a family in Bristol, England. To this day, she dances whenever she has the opportunity and continues to visit her old dance studio in Jaca, while occasionally volunteering to teach younger ones at the studio. In 2016, Georgina finally gets her dream job, in Madrid as a saleswoman at Gucci. For most of her life, she lived quietly, but this all changed after meeting Cristiano Ronaldo.

She met her partner while working at the Gucci store, describing him as her “Prince Charming”, and told Grazia, “His height, his body, his beauty caught my attention. I was trembling in front of him, but a spark ignited,”. They began seeing each more frequently after a couple of months, adding to rumours that the pair might be in a romantic relationship. Cristiano describes Georgina as the “love of his life”, and inevitably the two become an official item at the end of 2016. They have been together ever since, and Georgina plays a crucial role in Cristiano’s life by being a mom figure in his son's life and supporting him. If Ronaldo does accomplish his dream to wed Georgina, it will most likely be a grand affair and the event of the season.

Her career has ever so taken off since she stepped foot into fame. She has an exceeding platform of 30 million followers on Instagram and earns most of her money with advertisements and endorsements. Her net worth is up to 10 million dollars, and it continues to grow day by day. Her life now revolves around travelling the world in private planes, yachts, and driving sports cars. While Georgina used to sell designer clothes to the rich and famous, she now wears them herself, from lush designer items to couture fashion looks. She has collaborated with several prestigious fashion publications, including Women’s Health, VIP Magazine in Portugal, Love Magazine in Spain, and Nova Gente. She has recently spoken out, saying that "Being the partner of someone so famous is not easy, but I wouldn't change it for the world," Georgina said. "What I feel for him is stronger than anything, any kind of pressure”.

The star has shared her story in her new Netflix series “I am Georgina”, where viewers get a glimpse of her lavish life on screen. The series has been an incredible success, and she continues to make headlines around the world. In her series, she addresses how she is not the typical WAG and adds how has no interest in just shopping and spending money. In fact, she takes financial courses, with the motive to learn how to manage Cristiano’s fortune, rather than spending it. “I loved earning money for myself and I never let myself be helped when someone offered to lend me a hand," Georgina previously said.

Georgina has definitely made a name for herself, even throughout the events of her rise to fame. She continues to pursue her dreams and demonstrates her significant value to her family. Many opportunities presented themselves to her advantage, but it does not mean she did not work as hard to be in the position she is in today. Unquestionably, she is a successful businesswoman, influencer, and model, presenting much relevancy in our society and in this generation.


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