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Everything about the MYP2 march trip!

By Rafaela Agudo (MYP2)

Do Saco de Mamanguá and Paraty match their

reputation or not? Is there a mystery to how good

Paraty and Saco de Mamanguá are? Would you go

on this amazing journey?

Here are some guidelines and famous places you

should visit in Paraty and Saco de Mamanguá.

Now I will tell you about the MYP2 March trip in which we went to Paraty and

then later to Saco de Mamanguá. I had a really fun experience and got to know the real world. I also learned how the natives and locals there lived a simple life, making me more grateful. Though with every adventure, there are always places to watchout and places to visit, so here are three things from my experience that you should always do and never do in Saco de Mamanguá and Paraty.

  1. For those travellers out there who like to get away from their life and like going to historic places and cities, Paraty is the city for you. It’s amazing, colorful decorations and architecture are very fun and energetic. Though you should always walk with trainers since the streets are very narrow and are made out of rocks. Fun fact; they made it out of rocks to let the sea invade the city so the water can clean the city, because at that time the city did not have a water system.

  2. For Paraty, you should always visit the Poço de Tarzan. You will adore the hiking and the waterfall will leave you calm and relaxed. The waterfall is near another one called the Cachoeira de Tobogã. It is one of a kind. Though you have to be careful since it is deep and has very slippery rocks underneath.

  3. Now, for those who prefer a beach-style kind of trip, then Saco de Mamanguá is your place, though with every fun trip there are always some things you should never do. That is why you have to be careful with sea urchins. No one likes stepping on those. You also have to be careful with the insects.

  4. You should go on the kayak trip to explore the mangroves. You can learn a lot of things about the mangroves and their importance. Though I do recommend you kayak in pairs or trios since that is the way a friend and I did it. You also have to be careful not to get stuck on the sand banks in the mangroves, since the water is not so deep there. You also should be careful not to hit anything. Other than that, I also recommend to go with clothes that can get wet, it can be a dry fit tracksuit or you can just go with swimwear. You should always watch out for trees to avoid hitting your head, and should be careful with the oars so you don’t hit the person behind. These are all the guides and places to go to in Paraty and Saco de Mamanguá. I hope you obey my no-no rules and take my suggestions into consideration.

Stay tuned for my next guide, but for now, I hope you guys, my readers, have the best Paraty

and Saco de Mamanguá trip ever.


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