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A Review of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson is a very unique director. His movies are immediately identifiable, whether it's be due to his impeccable cinematography, the familiar cast of actors he always uses or the dialogue he carefully crafts, you will always know a Wes Anderson film when you see one. And this is especially true in what I consider to be his greatest film: The Grand Budapest Hotel.

This movie is immediately able to grab the audience's attention through its visuals. This is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen, and everyone else who I’ve shown it to agrees. Every scene's composition is perfect, no two shots look the same. The way he tampers with reality through the use of surrealism is unmatched. His use of the movie's aspect ratio and tint, tell stories of their own. When it comes to making a movie visually striking, Wes Anderson really is second to none. When watching this movie, it truly makes you believe that this could not have been done in any other way. This story would never work as a book or a TV show, it’s something that could only ever work as a movie.

The music in this film is also very worthy of praise. Songs are, once again, immediately recognizable. The music, in tandem with the sound design, gives a movie a sense of rhythm, which gives the film the feeling of a play. Movements and speech are perfectly synchronized with the music, which ends up making the movie even more memorable. The music is also completely thematically in touch with the visuals, the way these two work together is stunning.

Lastly, I’d like to discuss the film’s dialogue and acting. Every single performance in this movie is incredible. Actor’s are able to deliver lines sincerely when they need to, and they are able to deliver them comedically when they need to. The dialogue that was written for the film also greatly compliments the actor’s. Repetition is often used within these movies to great effect. Sometimes a line of dialogue, said in the beginning of the movie, gives new context to something at the end. This does a great job at making the movie rewatchable.

I believe that this is a movie that everyone should watch at some point. It is a movie that will completely change your perception of what cinema can be. This is a movie that I can confidently recommend to other people, without the fear of them not liking it. It’s a movie that left me speechless once it was over, and has since gone on to become my favorite film ever made.


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